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Land Property Rich Man : World Next Generation Electronics Edition
Here & Now: The World Edition (Taiwan)

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The world’s number one game has gone global!

This world-class MONOPOLY gameboard has you traveling to cities across the globe you’ll cross six continents before you pass GO! Get ready to wheel and deal in the millions of dollars with your own MONOPOLY credit card and a digital banking device that keeps track of your balance. The world has voted, so find out which cities made the board and join in to the biggest MONOPOLY game yet!.

In his article "Nation's image set for a boost with Taipei's Monopoly listing" in the "Taiwan Journal" of Aug.28, 2008 Eric Chao wrote...

"Hasbro Taiwan, the local branch of the international toy maker, announced that Taipei City has been selected as one of 22 cities included in the first international edition of the famous board game Monopoly that will be locally released Sept. 1."

....According to Judy Chen, Hasbro Taiwan's marketing manager, the decision to list the capital of Taiwan will boost the Republic of China's international image, as the game will be released worldwide.

Chen explained that earlier this year, the company decided to produce the "Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition" and conducted an Internet poll to determine which cities would be included.

.....We are thrilled that the first-ever global board game includes an eclectic mix of cities that showcase their dynamic cultures, sights and history of the planet," said Helen Martin, vice president of global marketing for the Monopoly brand. Janice Chen, product manager for Hasbro Taiwan, explained that the new edition of the game aims to emphasize the multicultural aspect of today's globalized world. "This is why we decided to replace street names with cities", she said. "Furthermore, players can become familiar with features and characteristics of those cities and are encouraged to learn more about the particular countries on their own." Chen added that the National Palace Museum was selected as Taipei's representative image because of its magnificent architectural style and rich cultural aspects.

Rose Chao, deputy executive of Taipei City Tourism Committee, said the inclusion of Taipei and the NPM in the game will catapult Taiwan onto the international stage. "The island will receive increased exposure and visibility, and this will promote our tourism industry", she said.

Wayne Liu, director of International Affairs Division at the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, agreed with Chao and pointed out that according to the bureau's statistics, places of historic interest are the main attractions for foreign visitors in Taipei. "Therefore, the National Palace Museum as the symbol of Taipei will enhance the city's international reputation and attract more foreign tourists from abroad", he said.

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