Lille, which has lived a history rich in miscellaneous affiliations, from habsbourg to the Burgundians, the Spanish to France, is by its continuous illustrated commercial development and in a recent watch by a preeminent place in the textile and metallurgical industries. The metropolis region, it is adorned with wonderful realisations laboratory which illustrate this cross of bask. La Cité, with one of the youngest populations in France, has a university and renowned research centres.

Faithful to its tradition of festivals, clearance sales, berlouffes and popular markets, it has intense cultural activities in all fields, plastic arts, performing arts, books, cinema. Node of ways national and international transport, the city has developed over the last decades a large industrial and commercial infrastructure, redirecting its activities (quality textiles, modern commerce, electronics ...), constantly modernising while keeping its traditions alive of cheerfulness of friendliness and tolerance.

1 game board, 8 tokens, 28 property titles, 16 lucky cards, 16 Community cash cards 1 packet of banknotes, 32 green houses, 12 Red hotels, 2 dice and 1 fast die.

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Year: 2015 - Code: B64651010