F C Barcelona

Polish Edition

A new, refreshed version of the classic Monopoly game in the edition for Barca fans! Monopoly FC Barcelona will take you to the world of football. Take on the role of team manager - buy players, build stadiums and profit from triumphs! Get to know the most important moments in the history of the Camp Nou club. Buy all training centers, famous players and important institutions. Watch out! There are many obstacles on your way to win, for example you will have to replace the turf in your stadium. Invest, collect rent, bring the other players to bankruptcy, and win!

Monopoly FC Barcelona is a game designed for all football fans who love to play board games with family or in the company of friends. In this collector's edition you will be able to get into possession of the current players of the Spanish team, but also legends such as Pep Guardiola and Johan Cruyff! Instead of houses and hotels, build stands and stadiums. Traditional Chance cards and the Social Fund are in this edition of the House or Departure, thanks to which you may find that you have been awarded the Golden Ball or ... you have received a red card. Buy the best players, build stadiums, collect rent and multiply assets to win!

The rules of the game are the same as in the classic version of Monopoly. After spreading the board and choosing one of 8 collectable pieces, each player should be given the appropriate number of notes. The person who has the most points on the puzzle starts the game. During each turn, roll two dice, then move on the number of fields equal to the sum of discarded meshes. You will probably find one of the players, an arena, a sports centre or institutions that you can buy as soon as they are available and you can afford them. Traditional Chance cards and the Social Fund are in this edition Home or Departure - take one of these cards and follow the instructions given on it. Watch out for the properties of other players and try not to get into prison! Remember that your goal is not only to get rich at the expense of others, but also to bankrupt them.

Included in the box includes: game board, 8 collectible tokens (gate, whistle, shoe, water bottle, cup, ball, cap and hamburger), 28 Title Deed cards, 16 Departure cards, 16 House cards, 32 Tribunes, 12 Stadiums, 2 standard die, 1 Fast Dice.

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