Sanrio Game Master
(Hong Kong)

Millionaire well into childhood memories of the most loved her board game! Buy land, and build houses, and the collection of Government rent ... A well but again into left prison ... Very exciting! Sanrio Game Master special with the Tycoon's crossover, Sanrio introduced special edition monopoly board game Game Master! Various games master different Game Zone, players gathered up her Toy Certificates, buried Toy Toy Houses and Villas can be crowned by ultimate game master, becoming one of the game master! August 6 comes to an end after a Sanrio Game Master remember the Fans going to the venues limited store buying it!

Everyone loves Monopoly when they were small. Purchase land, build a house, collect rent from others…Oops! Go to Jail…again…We have a special crossover with Monopoly to launch the special edition Sanrio Game Master Monopoly! Each Game Master represents a Game Zone while players who collects the most Toy Certificates, Toy Houses and Toy Villas will be honored by our Ultimate Game Master, Hello Kitty, and become one of the Game Masters!

Limited to 1,000 sets and only available in Hong Kong.

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Year: 2015 - Code: 173152-0