Zürcher Oberland
(Zurich Highlands)

The Zurich Oberland comprises the Zurich districts of Uster, Hinwil, Pfäffikon and the central Tösstal in the Winterthur district. The region is bordered by the agglomerations of Zurich and Winterthur and is easily accessible either individually or by public transport.

Around Griffin and Pfäffikersee are still flat and slightly hilly areas, often characterized by protected moorland. Further east, the mountains of the Oberland rise with Bachtel in a first ridge and the Schnebelhorn and Hörnli in the rear chain on the border with the canton of St. Gallen.

From these excursion points, which are popular with hikers and bikers, there are wide panoramic views of the Alps, across Lake Zurich and the Zurich Unterland to Lake Constance and Säntis. But just go on a journey of discovery yourself: with the MONOPOLY Zürcher Oberland.

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