Zipangu [Japanese Arts & Crafts]

Limited to only 5000

The version of monopoly was created by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, a promoter of traditional arts and crafts and an operator of several retail stores. The company is celebrating their 300th anniversary and so the board game was created to commemorate their long history.

The fun of Monopoly intact, and craft the theme of Japan, works and history, that incorporating such a plenty charm is "Japan craft version of Monopoly". Rapidly decline was Japan craft by a change in the Meiji era of lifestyle. "To the healthy Japanese crafts"! Nakagawa Seinana shops listed in the vision that there is, was born in the wake of that to celebrate the 300th anniversary of its founding in 2016.

While you enjoy the locality visiting the bustling with craft, it is a family-friendly board games that adults and children can discover the craft of the charm of the country. It is a 5000 limited production!

The game you can play with up to six people. Player to play, on top of the map of the craft powers Japan. Japan map of the board has been shaped by Nakagawa Seinana deep edge in shops "hemp pattern". And to travel on the map and on behalf of the players, Nakagawa Seinana shops founding of the earth, deer of the piece is a symbol of Nara. This is a special edition of "Japan craft version" unique. Besides, if your favorite local toy Japan Mini to my piece, it is sure to stand out in the face of a board!

This craft powerhouse Japan. Once you monopolize the craft of origin of the same color group around the whole country, there to ask them to visit the production area to a lot of people built a workshop and department stores. That you get a lot of Odai and built a workshop, department stores shortcut to victory. The negotiations are very important for the game in order! Last until all of the assets without bankruptcy Monopoly (monopoly) the player is the winner. Tour came in from the craft powers Japan, the craft of the country of origin by Monopoly (Exclusive) "will be to revitalize the Japanese craft"!

The squares the player advances shaking the dice, nationwide crafts Zurari. It will detail the natural charm and history of every single craft while you play. Meanwhile in the vehicle mass to be scattered, pretty the various places of local toy motif was whale car 雉車-pigeon car deer car appeared. Besides materials and craftsmen, appeared necessary in manufacturing and product development as squares, craft was born, you can experience the realistic to the hands of the people.

The community chest and chance cards are replaced by Zipangu cards and Future cards

Instead of the railroads you’ll control Hato-guruma (Dove Cart), an enduring folk art made of a woven two-wheeled bird. By collecting these handmade toys, you’ll discover that they originated in Nagano and are associated with industrious effort because they appealingly depict they way a dove pecks at food while walking.

The centre of the board is decorated with the asanoha (hemp) pattern, a dynamic motif often found in tenugui and furoshiki cloths. It also forms a map of Japan.

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Year: 2015 - Code: A16