IAE France

The French IAE are part of the French universities, except for the IAE of Paris which has a special status. They are academically selective, socially inclusive and very affordable Graduate School of Management within the French Public Research Universities. The IAE model is inspired by the Anglo-Saxon Business Schools.

The IAE France network is composed of 33 university-backed management schools. It is the largest community in management science in France. Just like the Aix-Marseille IAE, these schools have long been recognised as expert centres in management training.

The origin of IAE dates back to the 1950s. At the time, degrees in management were not available in French universities. In the United States, by contrast, economic growth is powered by batches of engineers and managers from the best business schools attached to universities. In the midst of reconstruction, France have a lack of managers while the Thirty Glorious begin.

The network’s member IAEs offer 800 degrees including 32 programmes taught in English, one third of which are at Master level. They welcome 45,000 students, including 28,000 initial learners, 7,000 students in apprenticeship and 10,000 in continuing education. They employ 1,200 teacher-researchers. More than 425,000 graduates have been IAE fellows and 3,000 new students are admitted each year.

This version of Monopoly was released to celebrate 60 years of IAE France.

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