1940 (USA)

1940 introduced another short run series for Monopoly. Parker Brothers opened a new office in Chicago and wanted to advertise it on their packaging so London was dropped in favor of Chicago. Also the 1924 patent was going to expire at the end of 1941 so this series only lasted a little more than a year. This is longer than any of the 35s, but these games do appear to be fairly scarce.

1940 #6 Dual Patent Chicago
1937 #6 Black

The sets available in these years included #6 (black or blue), #8, #9, #12 Library edition, and #25 De Luxe edition.

1937-1940 #8
1937-1940 #9

Dating Notes

  • "Chicago" replaces "London" on the box
  • All are dual patent
  • Tokens remain the same as before