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Special Editions - 2020 to 2021 (USA)


Swarovski® 85th Anniversary

Code: 40085

Publisher: Winning Solutions

Celebrate 85 years of Monopoly family moments with a sparkling new edition, embellished with crystals from Swarovski®. This Limited Edition piece celebrates the anniversary of one of the world’s most iconic property trading game…in spectacular style! It is truly the most glamorous Monopoly edition ever created and a stunning tribute to the game’s rich history.

Each of the 500 individually numbered pieces features a beautiful 3/8" thick tempered glass game board with gold and silver foil printing. The board is embellished with over 2,000 crystals from Swarovski®, including the use of Crystal Fabric as a backdrop to the Monopoly logo. This eye-catching and innovative product consists of a carrier material that is completely covered by millions of tiny cut and round crystals. The dazzling array of crystals throughout the board includes brilliantly-colored stones on each property space and wide bands of clear crystals framing the center rolling area. You will also be delighted by the clear crystals on the "GO" space as well as other strategic locations on the board, including the Railroad icons and on the Luxury Tax ring!

The premium game components include custom foil-stamped Community Chest, Chance, and Title Deed cards, custom vellum Monopoly money, and translucent houses and hotels. The components store neatly in the parts box, which includes a built-in banker’s tray. The plated die-cast tokens include a custom ring token, designed to commemorate this spectacular anniversary edition. Each piece comes packaged in an elegant gift box and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity and will almost certainly be a collector’s item for generations to come!

3/8" thick tempered glass gameboard with gold and silver foil printing

Embellished with over 2,000 crystals from SWAROVSKI®

Monopoly logo and Railroad icons covered with millions of tiny cut and round crystals

Plated die-cast MONOPOLY tokens, including a custom MONOPOLY 85th Anniversary ring token

Custom foil-stamped Chance, Community Chest, and Title Deed cards

Custom vellum MONOPOLY money

Elegant, foil-stamped gift box packaging

Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Limited Edition of only 500 pieces

85th Anniversary

Code: E9983

It's glamour, glitz, and golden tokens! MONOPOLY, one of the world's favorite family gaming brands is commemorating 85 years of success.

Join us as we celebrate with the MONOPOLY 85th Anniversary edition board game. The game features premium packaging and includes 8 golden tokens that represent the good life: A racecar, sunglasses, a yacht, a bowtie, a jet, a helicopter, a wristwatch, and a top hat. Get family and friends together to play the fast-dealing property trading game where players buy, sell, dream, and scheme their way to riches. Three cheers for living the good life of luxury and fun!

Includes: Gameboard, 8 Golden Tokens, 28 Title Deed cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice, Money pack and Game guide.

The 1980's Edition

Code: ???

Fond memories will spring to life, with family and friends, when you play Monopoly The 1980's Edition. Advance To Go and enjoy!

Vintage Wood Monopoly / Cluedo Edition

Code: ???

Dimension: 39.75 cm × 39.75 cm × 6.6 cm (15.65in. × 15.65 in. ×2.6 in.)

This Deluxe Vintage Edition features two of world’s favorite games: Monopoly and Clue! The top of the cabinet features a Monopoly gameboard and turn it over to play the exciting game of Clue. Lift off the top of the wood cabinet to access individual storage compartments for all of the premium game components.


Solid wood cabinet with rustic vintage finish.

Monopoly features premium components including die cast metal movers, solid wood houses and hotels, and a removable banker’s tray.

Clue features premium components and vintage graphics, playing cards, a solution envelope, a scorepad with retro graphics, die cast metal weapons, and wood movers with die cast metal.

Built in storage under the removable double-sided playing top.

Included for Monopoly: Monopoly money; 6 tokens and dice; Chance & community Chest cards; Title deed cards; Houses and hotels.

Included for Clue: Die cast weapons; Pad of detective notes; Wood movers; Pencils.

Vintage Bookshelf Edition (English / French)

Code: I-0228 / 40410 / 20273 / ITM./Art. 2155003

Publisher: Winning Solutions

Crack open the book and watch history come to life with the Vintage Bookshelf Collection! This unique series of games features all of the timeless classics that have remained family favourites over the decades.

Contents: Collectible fabric book with removable banker's tray and storage area, nostalgic-themed game board, vintage chance, Community Chest and Titel Deed Cards, Monopoly Money, 8 antique finish tokens, wooden houses and hotels, 2 dice and instructions.

It has a vintage faded book cover, an elegant design for open bookshelf display, vintage 1935 gameboard and cards, die cast movers, wood houses and hotels and deluxe removable bankers tray.

World's Smallest Edition

Code: Item# 5308

Publisher: Super Impulse USA

Tons of fun in a small package! Easy to pick up, hard to put down the World's Smallest Monopoly Game. A miniature version of the full size original with mini game board, dice, money, tokens, houses, hotels, properties, even Chance and Community Chest cards! Fun the play and take with you where ever you go. Remarkable miniature set!

The World's Smallest Monopoly Game is brand new and sealed in the manufacturer's original package and measures about 3" by 1.5" by .5" deep.

Features of the World's Smallest Monopoly Game are: Plastic case folds and clips closed holding all the pieces inside, Mini Monopoly game board, 8 game tokens, 2 mini dice, 12 mini red hotels, 32 mini green houses, 28 title deed cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards.

Grand Edition

Code: I-0228 / 40210 / 20244

Publisher: Winning Solutions

This deluxe Monopoly set is truly a grand edition of the world's favourite property trading game. The highlight of this edition is the beautiful wood-framed gameboard with metal clasp closures and customised graphics. The gameboard also features a raised wood frame for the rolling area and folds for convenient storage.

Features premium components including an internal storage box with built-in banker's tray, customised cards and money, wood houses and hotels and bronze-finish die-cast metal tokens.


Colorform Edition

Code: Item# 19091 / SKU# 336184

Publisher: Colorforms

Box Size: Approx. 9" x 10"

Contents: 80 Colorforms, 32 Cards, 10 Paper Tokens, 175 Monopoly Money Bills, 3 Dice and instructions

This version uses vinyl pieces that "Stick Like Magic"

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