2004 Roppongi Hills
World Championships

2004 Monopoly World Championship Edition

Famed Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has even given a traditional board game a modern design make-over - and here it is! This limited edition Tokyo Roppongi Hills Monopoly game is brand-new, unopened, and still wrapped-in-plastic. Every four years — just like the Olympics — 40 players from around the world gather to battle it out over a board game in the Monopoly World Championships. In 2004, this event was hosted at the incredible shopping/living center of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan, with Spaniard Zafra Fernandez ousting Japan’s Utaka Okada as world champion. To commemorate this competition, the Hasbro Toy Company asked artist Takashi Murakami to oversee the design of a special Roppongi Hills board. The properties on the board are all actual shops within the Roppingi Hills complex, and the pieces reflect the best of Murakami and Roppongi Hills — the counters are designed in the shape of the Mori Tower, and the set even comes with a Roppongi Hills handbook. The writing on the board is in both Japanese and English.

Murakami is one of the most thoughtful-and thought-provoking-Japanese artists of the current times. His work ranges from cartoony paintings to quasi-minimalist sculptures to giant inflatable balloons to performance events to factory-produced watches, T-shirts, and other products. In addition to his work as an artist, he is also internationally recognized for his collaboration with designer Marc Jacobs to create handbags and other products for the Louis Vuitton fashion house. Takashi Murakami's work has been exhibited in prestigious museums all over the world. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles presented an exhibition by Murakami in 2007, which then moved to the Brooklyn Museum in New York in 2008. It will move on to Germany and Spain later in 2009.

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Year: 2004 - Code: 101001-150304-3980