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National Versions (USA)


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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of properties. There's nothing more American than the game of Monopoly, except maybe a special America Edition of the world's most popular board game. You can own pieces of American culture and history, learn about American people and places, and move around the board using tokens that are as American as apple pie. Enjoy classic play or experience a new variation with our Corner Squares Game. Answer American challenge questions and you may get a property for free!

Parker Brothers has released yet another theme version of their classic board game Monopoly. This time, the theme is America, our past, and what we've accomplished. The property sets focus on history (Yorktown, Gettysburg, and the Constitution) or inventions (baseball and basketball to the telephone.) Other sets highlight national parks or our development of entertainment, and the railroads have become milestones in transportation.

This version stands above the rest because of the attention to detail that has been included. The dice are red and blue. There are fun facts on the mortgage side of each title deed card. The tokens are right in keeping with the theme as well. After all, what's more American then Apple Pie?

As a change, the corner squares can be altered to make the game more interesting. Some of these involve trivia questions that require knowledge of American history and geography. The cards are quite challenging, but also a great way to gain a better knowledge of our country. This provides a fun alternative way to play as well.

The components for this consists of the following: Gameboard, 28 American History Deed Cards, Monopoly Money and Banker's tray, 6 American themed movers, 16 American People Cards, 16 American Places Cards, 90 American Challenge Cards, 32 plastic houses, 12 plastic hotels, 2 Die, 4 Alternate Corner Squares and 1 Set of Instructions.

These photos are of a preliminary design which would have been in a top level meeting at Hasbro discussing what versions to release and what they will look like.


Code: 00512 (Barcode)

The Big Apple, the City of Angels. the City of Brotherly Love, Beantown...

America's favourite board game brings you the chance of a lifetime to wheel and deal the USA's greatest cities from sea o shining sea. Celebrate life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and... CAPITALISM as you buy, sell, and trade San Diego, Boston, Honolulu and other all-American travel destinations.

Vacation in America's top tourism meccas and, at the same time, increase your net worth by bankrupting your opponents and creating monopolies in every city. USA Greatest Cities Monopoly - it's as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and... Monopoly!

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