Romania is Beautiful

The most beloved and well-known board game now comes with a surprise for Romanians. Monopoly - Romania (RO) keeps the same concept as before, but will take its players through some of the wonders and beauties of the country.

This special edition will bring to the fore the reasons why Romania is famous all over the world. Old traditions, amazing architecture, nature, culinary area, but last but not least history and culture, will be highlighted on this occasion.

In this special version of the classic Monopoly game you can own a part of Romania. Buy the most beloved tourist attractions, wonderful hiking trails, Scarisoara Cave, Balea Lac or, why not, the well-known Bran Castle, where Dracula, Bram Stoker's character, makes his century.

The game board will take you through the Bucegi Mountains, will stop you for a few moments at the Bigar Waterfall and somehow you will get to visit the famous Danube Delta.

In order to win unexpected prizes and surprises, you have to draw Sansa cards, but also the Community Chest cards. You can meet mythological creatures from Romanian folklore, such as the dragon and the dragon, or you can win a delicious prize. What does a portion of papanasi sound like?

Invest to build houses and hotels, develop properties, and if you want to be the first to seize the Romanian Athenaeum, collect rents from your opponents.

Yes, with the dice, explore all that this wonderful country has to offer, compete with your friends and be grateful for the beauties of Romania.

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Year: 2021 - Code: B67120580