Monopoly, the world-famous game of property and real estate, takes you through Hameln, the beautiful city to both sides and he Weser.

Architectural lovers describe the Old Town as a jewel of the Weserrenaissance, however, the impressive sandstone and half-timbered buildings from the 16th to 18th century tell above all about the history of the rat catcher city, such as the rat catcher house from 1602 with the inscription of the children's excerpt - probably the most famous historical event.

In 1284, 130 children should disappear from hameln in a mysterious way. From this, the say feeds of the wonderful rat catcher who is supposed to have guided the children from the city from revenge.

Everywhere you encounter this unusual company on the German fairytale street - because the sagy of the rat catcher is still ubiquitous today. The rat catcher saying enjoys high popularity and great attention.

In 2014 it was included in the German list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. The rat track, over three hundred bronze cast rat symbols, show the way to the most important landmarks. Or you can use one of the different city tours to learn everything about the rat catcher city.

But now go on a journey of discovery in a playful way: with the Monopoly edition Hamelnen.

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