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Gold Coast (Australia)

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The latest City Edition of Monopoly dedicated to Australia's Glitter Strip won't tell you, but it will give the aspiring white-shoe brigade developer or curious self-managed superannuation fund punter the chance to workshop their ideas and get a feel for how the real thing could play out.

The top-priced dark blue property - equivalent to Mayfair in the original London version of the game - isn't actually a piece of real estate at all. Rather, that space is taken by "Gold Coast Lifeguards".

The top-priced dark blue property - equivalent to Mayfair in the original London version of the game - isn't actually a piece of real estate at all. Rather, that space is taken by "Gold Coast Lifeguards" and priced at $M400.

Second-ranked, no doubt a pleasing sign for its beleaguered owner Ardent Leisure, is the Skypoint Observation Deck, which costs $M350. That is followed, in the green zone, by Q1 Gold Coast ($M320), Bond University ($M300) - although it is not immediately apparent if that sum buys a property or a degree - and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary ($M300).

But even while the assets to be bought, sold and paid rent on may vary in type from the traditional, the latest version of the much-loved game makes it clear that everything on the Gold Coast is up for development. You want to build houses at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary? Those will be $M200 a pop, thanks, and a hotel on the site will cost you just an extra $M200 - once you've already got four houses standing there, of course.

The cheapest site on the board, going for just $M60, is Tamborine Mountain, followed by Springbrook National Park, also yours for $M60.

Other properties include Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets, Beach Festival and Miami Marketta (light blue), HOTA (Home of the Arts), CBUS Super Stadium and Metricon Stadium (pink), Dreamworld, Wet 'N' Wild and Movie World (orange), Cavill Avenue, Pacific Fair and The Star (red); Main Beach, South Stradbroke Island and Sanctuary Cove (yellow).

Tamborine Mountain

Springbrook National Park

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

Beach Festival

Miami Marketta

HOTA (Home of the Arts)

CBUS Super Stadium

Metricon Stadium


Wet 'N' Wild

Move World


Cavill Avenue

Pacific Fair

The Star

Main Beach

South Stradbroke Island

Sanctuary Cove

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Bond University

Q1 Gold Coast

Skypoint Observation Deck

Gold Coast Lifeguards





Electric Company

Water Works


Income Tax

Super Tax


Community Chest

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