(United Kingdom)

In this Beamish Museum edition of MONOPOLY, players can buy, sell and trade some of the most iconic exhibits including Beamish Board School, Davy's Fried Fish and Chip Shop, Annfield Plain Co-operative and Jubilee Confectioners.

Make your way around the board, collecting some of the museum’s most iconic attractions, including Pockerley Old Hall, The Sun Inn, The 1940s Farm and Beamish Board School.

Pick up an Unlimited Pass or Fairground Token and follow the instructions, will you advance to Joseph Herron’s Bakery, take a trip to the Entrance Tram Stop, or will you be forced to go back three spaces after crashing your penny-farthing? There’s hours of fun to be had!

Spot some of the famous Beamish exhibits and views as you travel around the board – who’ll get Jubilee Confectioners?! We think it’s the best version of Monopoly yet!

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Year: 2020 - Code: Z02291020