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Classic Versions 1996 - 2006 - Start of the Hasbro Era (UK)


Standard Edition Ref. 14535GB

Publisher: Tonka / Waddingtons / Hasbro

Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.3 x 5.3 cm

Dimensions of the board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm

This edition is a sample of the "new look" of the games manufactured in the Irish works. The fresh white box shows a red bar and a part of the fourth side of the board on the cover. The width and the length of the boxes are standardized for all of their games Hasbro sold.

This new box contains a red plastic tray insert with newly shaped slots for the banknotes and title cards of the banker. The board is folded in four like in the so-called "small box". The back side is red and the play side is blue green.

The set is manufactured in Ireland and so it has a picture of a "laughing family" at the back of the box which was standardised across Hasbro's country versions in Europe. On the board are the nice Chance and Community Chest cards of this game.

The banknotes are of the new model, i.e. with a "black Monopoly banner and Uncle Pennybags" in the upper part of the circle and, almost unvisible, the remark "1996 Tonka Corporation".

The 10 tokens are of pewter and likely no longer manufactured in China. The green, plastic houses do have a chimney, the red hotels don't.

The price of this set amounted to £14 in October 1998.


European Box, Ref. Nr. 00009/102

Publisher: Parker / Waddingtons / Hasbro, Inc.

Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.3 cm

Dimensions of the board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm

Parker/Hasbro are always worldwide standardizing their games (because of which they become the less interesting for collectors, in my opinion). Now the standard issues of all countries have gotten the number 9, the number valid for all American standard editions since the early 1935 issues.

    The performance of this new issue is characterised by:
  • The illustration on the lid is provided with a somewhat cheap looking red rim.
  • There are only 4 spaces of the 4th side of the game board, showed in perspective, with 1 house, 1 hotel, still the hat and the racing car as well as both white dice, however now with 4 and 3 (instead of 3 and 5).
  • The perspective red Monopoly bar with its nice shadow effect and Mr.Monopoly with red bow tie (till 2000 he was called Uncle Pennybags), that is on the lid, the game board's midfield as well on all 4 sides of the innerbox.
  • The bottom of the box no longer shows "the laughing family" but almost the whole game board and all attributes.

The bankers tray of this standard edition is red again and has holes for the 7 banknotes and the property deeds still with the banker. The board is folded twice and at storage fits precisely on top the bankers tray. The board's back is red and that of the play side is blue green.

On the board are the Chance cards with red back and ?, as usual next to the Go corner and the Community Chest cards with blue back and treasure chest at the Free Parking corner. The cards (56x87 mm) have rounded corners. The property deeds (56x87 mm) also have rounded corners.

The banknotes (52x100 mm) are printed one sided. On the upper side in the circle of the notes is a black banner showing "MONOPOLY and Mr.Monopoly". In the lower part of this circle it says in very small characters "©2001 Hasbro Inc.". The currency is Euro (€) and the denominations of the banknotes are resp.: 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500 (Ref. 100 00009 00C0).

The 10 tokens are made of light metal and are the widely known : hat - shoe - car - boat - dog - wheelbarrow - rider on a horse - thimble - iron and canon. The houses and hotels are made of intransparent plastic and all have an overhanging roof as well as an excentric placed chimney. Both dice are white and have black pips.


European Box Standard, Ref. Nr. 00009/102 - A Reprint of 2001

This is still the European size box and is basically a reprint of the 2001 version except Parker is no longer mentioned on the box.


European Box Standard, Ref. Nr. 00009/102 - Quick Rules Included

At first this seems to be another reprint of the 2001 version except for a couple of variations.

Parker is back on the box in the bottom right hand corner on the front of the box and Waddington's has finally gone from the box. Also, the "quick game rules" have been included with this version.


Square Box Standard, Ref. Nr. 00009/102 - Quick Rules Included

2006 saw the introduction of the square box by Hasbro.

Implementing this meant that Hasbro could save money on packaging and fit more on a pallet therefore increasing profits, comng with potentially less shelf space in the shops, though at this point, internet shopping was in full flow.

This is basically the 2003 version, but in a new square box.

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