The dUCk Group is proud to be the first Malaysian brand to release a limited edition MONOPOLY board game. The MONOPOLY x dUCk collection brings limited edition scarves, shopping bags, ‘keychains’ and most interestingly, the MONOPOLY x dUCk board game set-a classic game loved by over one billion fans worldwide.

When I think about this MONOPOLY x dUCk collaboration, I'm really excited. This collaboration makes dUCk the first brand in Malaysia, and the first polite fashion brand in the world to partner with Hasbro. This move not only demonstrates the diversity of the dUCk brand, but also a meaningful representation for the hijab community, a topic close to my heart.

You could either buy it as a box set with a scarf, shopping bag, keychain and the board game or the same but a shawl instead of the scarf.

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Year: 2021 - Code: WM01848-EN1