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First City Edition

Coming October 2023 is the first City version for Malaysia with the Penang edition.

Upcoming Australian Versions

Name Number
King & Queens 3rd May 2023
Cairns Late 2023
Christchurch Late 2023
Beetlejuice Mid/Late 2023
Ed Sheeran Mid/Late 2023
(The) Hunter Valley 23rd September 2023
Iron Maiden Mid/Late 2023
Jimi Hendrix September 2023
Labyrinth 12th August 2023
Willy Wonka 9th September 2023

World Record Official List

Neil, the World Record Holder, has now reached 3599 editions as of 1st February 2023

The full up to date list can be seen on the World Record Page next to his world record list.

Vintage Monopoly Game Collectors 1933 - 1955

Join this Facebook group to ask if you need information about Monopoly from this era..

Vintage Monopoly Game Collectors 1933 - 1955

You Can Help!

World of Monopoly is trying to make the most comprehensive list of Monopoly games ever produced.

I need help with photographs and informations about each version.

Click here for information.

Albert Veldhuis' Website

The comprehensive history of Monopoly (up until approx. 2012) by Albert Veldhuis is still available in its original state and will be totally integrated into World of Monopoly.

Visit his work here.

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