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11th August 2017

World Record Recount
Mr. Neil Scallan.

The recount of Neil Scallan's collection went well last month. Exclusive to this website Done in conjunction with and Yoco Games, the collection was counted and an official list with all photos is currently being put together for Guinness.

The new counted list will only be available here.

Current list here

17th May 2017

Yn Gymraeg
Only Welsh Language Edition.

As I am going on BBC Radio Wales, I have uploaded Yn Gymraeg. Yn Gymraeg is Monopoly in WelshThis is the only Welsh language version of Monopoly and is quite rare.

It was made with help from the Welsh Book Council

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15th May 2017

New Look is Here!
You can help.

Welcome to World of Monopoly new design. I do hope you like it and any comments will be gratefully received.

Not all is uploaded from the old design at the moment, but it was thought best to upload what is done with all the new versions being released/announced. Take a look around and tell me what you think

19th January 2017

Bob's Burgers (USA)

Bob's Burgers is the first new edition from USAopoly for 2017.

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11th August 2017

New editions for 2018

Two new versions for 2018 have been annouced.

They are Sailor Moon and One Piece

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20th May 2017

Arup (UK)

Released at Christmas, 100% of the profits went to the Prince's Trust

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17th May 2017

Wales has two versions.

There has currently been two versions of Wales Monopoly.1999 and 2000 They are virtually the same except for a couple of properties.

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20th January 2017

University of Leicester (UK)

The latest educational version from Winning Moves UK is Leicester University.

The actual design is different from the one shown on the website and is still available.

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16th January 2017

Mazda (Australia)
Very rare edition.

A new custom version from Winning Moves Australia has been spotted.

I don't have much information on this version.

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8th December 2016

Howden (UK)
Limited numbers but available to all public.

Released today is this version from a village in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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15th June 2017

New Australia Edition
Voted by Australians.

Released today is a new Australian edition.

This new country version has brand new properties voted by Australians.

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16th May 2017

New Croatia Edition coming!

A completely new version since Parker Bros. introduced Monopoly to Croatia in 1994. To be made by Winning Moves UK The histtory can be found on Albert's site until it is fully integrated on here.

20th January 2017

The Materials Edition (UK)
Very limited edition.

This is a special version for UK schools but available worldwide. Only schools can order this version.

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16th January 2017

Rustic Cuff (USA)
Very rare edition.

Rustic Cuff is a retail outlet.

Built by USAopoly in the nice square box design.

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15th November 2016

Century 21 Belgium (BE)
2nd Century 21 version.

A second Century 21 custom edition is now available.

This one is made for the Belgium market and looks totally different to the Australia version.

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9th June 2017

Queen (Worldwide)
Based on Queen Live.

One of the world's best known bands is to have it's own version of Monopoly. Queen Monopoly has been designed with help from Brian May. Available June 23rd You can pre-order this version now.

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16th May 2017

Ferrero Lovebrands Edition.
Only available with food purchases.

The second Ferrero custom edition came out earlier this year.

After success with the Kinder edition, you collected 90 points from Ferroro purchases to obtain a copy.

More information here

20th January 2017

La Tour Incity (France)
Very limited edition.

La Tour Incity is a skyscraper in Lyon, France. Very few available

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You Can Help!
You can help.

World of Monopoly is continuely growing trying to make it the most comprehensive lisg of Monopoly games ever produced.

Help to expand!I need help to accomplish this with photographs and informations about each version.

Click here to see how you can help please.

2nd June 2017

SMU (Singapore)
Limited edition.

Released a couple of months ago, I think this is the first educational version from Singapore.

A modern University, SMU (Singapore Managament University) wanted a way to promote itself, and chose to produce its own version of Monopoly.

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16th May 2017

Local Italian edition coming this year

Another country is now having local editions.

Prototype shows a square box, but will it be that or the standard European box?

Find out when it is released later this year.

Little information here

20th January 2017

Durham School (UK)

Another educational edition was available just before Christmas.

I have very little information on this version.

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16th December 2016

Les Gauff (Belgium)
Belgium Pop Band.

Les Gauff has now been released. Made by Yoco Games, this game has been made in limited numbers. Characerture of me on a yellow property.

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Historical Versions
Albert Veldhuis in 2005.

The comprehensive history of Monopoly (up until approx. 2012) by Albert Veldhuis is still available in its original state until it is totally integrated into World of Monopoly.

Visit his work here.

World Record