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Adelaide - Winning Moves Australia

Canterbury - Winning Moves U.K.

Meralco Philippines
Meralco, Philippines - Hasbro

Royal Marines 350th Anniversary
Royal Marines 350th Anniversary - Winning Moves U.K.

Newport - Winning Moves U.K.

Back To The Future
Back To The Future - USAopoly???? (2014)

Jay And Silent Bob
Jay And Silent Bob - USAopoly???? (2014)

Sin City
Sin City Movie - USAopoly???? (2014)

Ultimate Rhode Island
Ultimate Rhode Island - Hasbro (February 2014)

Recently Released

Nigeria Centenary
Nigeria Centenary - Bestman Games

WWE - USAopoly

Fletcher Hotels
Fletcher Hotels - Winning Moves Germany

Simonds - Winning Moves Australia

mary Rose
The Mary Rose - Winning Moves U.K.


9th April 2014
New Editions Announced and Launched.
Newport Canterbury Nigeria Centenary WWE

Sorry for no updates lately, but lots going on at home. So what has been happening in the world of Monopoly.
Winning Moves Australia has announced The Adelaide Edition; Winning Moves U.K. has announced Canterbury for later in the year; Bestman Games in Nigeria has released the Nigeria Century Edition after the success of The City of Lagos Edition; and USAopoly has released the WWE edition. More information on all of these versions will follow later.

31st March 2014
New Edition from Nigeria coming soon - See the launch live!

The next version from Bestman Games in Nigeria will be upon us soon.
The Nigeria Centenary Edition will be officially launched on Wednesday 2nd April at 5pm @monopolylagos on Instagram and Twitter #guesswhoiscomingtonigeria
Click the image to the left to learn more or visit their Facebook page.

29th March 2014
Millionaire Edition.

Uploaded now is the worldwide release version called Millionaire.
With less properties, this version is supposed to be quicker and easier.
I have noticed there are a few versions with slight alterations out (especially in the U.S.A.) so why not visit the Various Editions page, and let me know if you can add to it.

19th March 2014
Hasbro Custom Version Announced
Meralco View

MANILA, Philippines — Multinational toy and board game company Hasbro Inc. announced today that they are set to release a limited edition version of Monopoly, specifically catered and designed for the Philippines.
Monopoly: Meralco Edition is a spin-off to their hit board game which is named after the economic concept of monopoly—the domination of a market by a single entity. Subtitled “The Fast-Dealing Electricity Distribution Game”, the Meralco Edition will see players assume the role of the famous power distributor and move around the gameboard signing contracts, installing electric meters to houses and businesses, and collecting money from their opponents, the ultimate goal being to drive them, the Filipino people into bankruptcy.
If you look at the board, Hasbro has decided to change the corners of this version? What do you think? Put your comments on my Facebook page!
It also says in the article... "If successful, Hasbro will release other editions fit for the Philippine market, such as a PLDT, Maynilad and Binay Editions."

19th March 2014
Monopoly World Championship - Important!
World Championship

In 2015, Monopoly is 80 years old and it is felt in the Monopoly Community that the next World Championship should be held then. This means, regional championships need to be started in 2014.

Hasbro, the game owners, seem to be doing nothing about this, therefore Kevin Tostado, the producer and director of the Monopoly film Under The Boardwalk has started a petition to send to Hasbro.

Please sign the petition here and also get all your friends to as well as soon as possible. Maybe you will be the World Champion.

11th March 2014
Fletcher Hotels, Netherlands.
Fletcher Hotels

First custom version for 2014

The first known custom version for 2014 seems to have come from Winning Moves Germany for Fletcher Hotels of The Netherlands. See more about it here.

10th March 2014
Royal Marines 350th Anniversary Edition

Only 3500 versions being made!

Hopefully coming later this year there is a Royal Marines 350th Anniversary "Special Edition" Monopoly Board is progress. See more about this version here and on Facebook here.

10th March 2014
Newport, South Wales Edition

First Winning Moves City Edition for 2014 Announced

The first "City" version from Winning Moves U.K. has been announcesd as Newport in South Wales.
More information available here (Facebook), here, here and here.

27th February 2014
New Movie versions for 2014

Three new movie versions have been announced... Back To The Future, Jay annd Silent Bob and Sin City.
Due for release later in the year, I would expect these to be made by USAopoly, but these first looks seem to be European sized games. With Hasbro already usin European sized boxes for the original 009 versions, maybe USAopoly is changing after the success of Dr, Who 50th. We will see later in the year.
There is not much information out about these versions, but I have found this out about the Sin City version.
A Diamond Select Toys Release. In Sin City, it takes more than a roll of the dice to make a monopoly - you also need some muscle. But now you can run the joint with this official Sin City Movie edition of the classic Monopoly board game! The all-new board features all of Sin City's most dangerous locations and includes unique, movie-specific game pieces, as well as guards that can be purchased in place of hotels. Buy up properties and man them with goons to keep them safe! Comes packaged in a full-color box.

26th February 2014
New Custom Version.

Just uploaded is the first custom version for 2014, which is made by Winning Moves Australia.
It is for Simonds, a makor property company in Australia and can be seen here.