Firefighters 3rd Alarm (USA)

Third Firefighters version. Previous two versions from 2009 and 2013 can be seen on here.

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France (Fr)

First of a few from various countries to be added to the website

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Italy (It)

First of a few from various countries to be added to the website

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Ren & Stimpy (USA)

Latest from USAopoly.

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Bojack Horseman (USA)

GameStop Exclusive version.

GameStop Exclusive Version

Original Version

Five Night's at Freddy's (USA)

GameStop Exclusive version.

GameStop Exclusive Version

Original Version

JuraPark (PL)

A Polish Theme Park.

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Rugby League (AU)

New 2018 version, the last version was from 2013.

2018 Version

2013 Version

Erfurt (DE)

An up to date version for Erfurt is due out in 2019. The last version was from 2007.

Erfurt is the state capital of Thuringia and this version should be out just in time for Krämerbrückenfest 2019.

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Beraria H (RO)

Limited Edition. It’s the first custom Monopoly game for Romania and has points of interest in Bucharest.

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Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok (TH)

Fee to customers booking two consecutive nights in August 2018

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The Beatles Yellow Submarine (UK / USA)

With the recent 2018 UK Yellow Submarine version being released, here is the 2013 USA version as well.

2018 - UK

2013 - USA

Aston Villa FC (UK)

With the new Aston Villa version out soon, it makes four different editions and there is a printing mistake on the 2008 version.





Injured Jockeys Fund Limited Edition (UK)

A second Horse Racing related edition coming after the Newmarket 350th edition.

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Bluestone National Park Resort (UK)

Celebrating 10 years of this Pembrokeshire Resort.

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Cheaters Edition

The latest edition from Hasbro, Cheaters Edition, is now available

U.K., Canada, Hong Kong, Italy and U.S.A. already added. Netherlands included now. Please let me know which other countries has this version and any possible images. Thanks.

Hong Kong

11th August 2018

Sad news!
Albert Veldhuis and his daughter.

Today, I got an e-mail from Albert's daughter, Deborah saying that Albert passed away earlier this week.

Our prayers and condolences are with his family at this sad time.

His original site is still hosted on the back of World of Monopoly here.

23rd July 2018

World Record List Bang Up To Date
He keeps buying more!

Neil has been purchasing more editions since his world record count last year.

As we keep updating his list, ready for another count, Over 2100 Editions we have decided to update and publish his list alphabetically ever month he has bought any new items.

See more at the World Record Page.

14th July 2018

Another error found!
2008 Version.

Whilst adding Aston Villa Football Club editions to the website, I noticed that the More Errors still to add! original version (2008) had an error in the description.

More information on the error's page.

EXCLUSIVE! World Record list available here!
World Record Certificate

The current official world record stands at 1999 editions and is still counting.

You can see the list exclusively on the World Record Page here.

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You can help.

World of Monopoly is continuely growing trying to make it the most comprehensive list of Monopoly games ever produced.

Help to expand!I need help to accomplish this with photographs and informations about each version.

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Historical Versions
Albert Veldhuis in 2005.

The comprehensive history of Monopoly (up until approx. 2012) by Albert Veldhuis is still available in its original state and will be totally integrated into World of Monopoly.

Visit his work here.