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19th Sept. 2014

Coming Soon - Adelaide
Adelaide 2014

Adelaide - Winning Moves Australia- 2014
Coming October 2014.

4th Sept. 2014

New Custom Version

Kinder Ubberaschung - Winning Moves Germany
Just released and very hard to get this is a nice new colourful version of Monopoly.

Coming Soon - 10th August 2014

Gdansk 2014

Gdansk - Winning Moves U.K. - 2014
Coming October 2014 is the first city version for Poland, Gdansk.

News - 18th June 2014

Under The Boardwalk

Monopoly film wins Emmy's!

News - 19th March 2014


MANILA, Philippines — Multinational toy and board game company Hasbro Inc. announced today that they are set to release a limited edition version of Monopoly, specifically catered and designed for the Philippines.
If you look at the board, Hasbro has decided to change the corners of this version? What do you think? Put your comments on my Facebook page!
It also says in the article... "If successful, Hasbro will release other editions fit for the Philippine market, such as a PLDT, Maynilad and Binay Editions."

19th Sept. 2014

Coming Soon - Turtles
Gdansk 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - USAopoly - 2014
Coming November 2014.

11th August 2014

Coming Soon - Zwickau

Gdansk 2014

Zwickau - Winning Moves Grermany - 2014
Coming End of October 2014.

Edition Added - 10th August 2014

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory - USAopoly - 2014
All the information including a limited edition token.

Website Update - 16th June 2014

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Hasbro

Website Updated

W of M

More Links Added

Recently Released / Website Update

Fletcher Hotels

Fletcher Hotels - Winning Moves Germany

14th Sept. 2014

Announced for 2015 - Roosendaal, Netherlands

World of Monopoly Page
Facebook Page

Website Update - 10th August 2014

Apeldoorn 2014

Apeldoorn - Identity Games - 2014
Coming Late 2014 is another city version for The Netherlands, Apeldoorn.

Website Update - 10th August 2014

England Football Stars 2014

England Football Stars - Winning Moves U.K. - 2014
Fully updated will the full information about this edition.

News - 9th June 2014

Under The Boardwalk

Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story, the film about Monopoly (and starring myself) has been nominated for 5 Emmy® nominations by the NATAS Pacific Southwest Chapter! Categories in which it is nominated include Outstanding Achievement in Documentary, Directing, Editing, Writing, and Musical Composition! The winners will be announced at the ceremony on June 14th in San Diego and will be posted here.

News - 22nd April 2014

New Releases USAopoly

After seeing this photo on Facebook, there are a few versions of Monopoly shown. The FULL list of Monopoly games is below.
Row 1: Adventure Time, Zelda (New), Pokemon (New)
Row 2: Dr. Who 50th, My Little Pony, Ninja Turtles Retro (New), Ninja Turtles Square Box (New)
Row 3: Big Bang Theory (New), Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, WWE (New)
Row 4: Las Vegas (Long Box), World of Warcraft (European Box) (New to USA), Nightmare Before Christmas (New)
Row 5: National Parks (New European Box)

Website Update


Millionaire - Hasbro
With less properties, this version is supposed to be quicker and easier.
I have noticed there are a few versions with slight alterations out (especially in the U.S.A.) so why not visit the Various Editions page, and let me know if you can add to it.

13th Sept. 2014

Recently Released - University of Kent
University of Kent

World of Monopoly Page
University of Kent - Winning Moves U.K.
Facebook Page

Coming Soon - 11th August 2014

Gdansk 2014

Bottrop - Winning Moves Grermany - 2014
Coming End of October 2014, Bottrop, Germany.

Website Update - 10th August 2014

World Football Stars 2014

World Football Stars - Winning Moves U.K. - 2014
Fully updated will the full information about this edition.

News - 16th June 2014

Life size Monopoly

Life Size Monopoly in Dubai

News / Coming Soon - 28th April 2014

Last Winning Moves UK

Winning Moves U.K. have announced that a version of Monopoly for Cheltenham will be released later this year.
This is probably the last announcement for the year from Winning Moves U.K. and it is a shame that all the new city versions for 2014 are from "Down South"!

Coming Soon


Zelda - USAopoly

Recently Released / Website Update


WWE - USAopoly