World Cup 2014
Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014

Arrived now is a Monopoly board game with a totally new and fun version of the 2014 FIFA World Cup that captures the experience of the greatest sporting event in the world.

Its graphics and content make the classic game in a collector's item for football fans.

Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Uruguay, France, Chile, England, America, Russia, Nigeria, Japan, Mexico, Ecuador, Cameroon, South Korea, Costa Rica, and Honduras are 22 of the 32 teams that appear on the Monopoly board FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014.

In this fun version 22 selections, airports in Brazil, "Lighting Company" and "Beverage Company" may be your property, you collect rent from your houses and hotels, while the Trophy and Fuleco cards, replacing traditional cards Community Chest and Chance with fun soccer-related content, they can make you go to jail, advance to get the best output or transfer of your career. In addition to the above on the board there are two special spaces where any player can take him yellow card or red card depending on where it falls.

Monopoly World Cup Brasil 2014 includes board with 22 selections, 6 tokens with fun designs alluding to the world that play the role of tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 cards and 16 cards Fuleco trophy, 1 pack of money 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice.

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Year: 2014 - Code: 11 4005.1093