1985 to ??? (South America)


Edition: International Spanish language ed. "Juego de Intercambio de Finca Raíz de Parker Brothers" (Game of exchange of properties, originally P. B.)

Ref: 8009

Publisher: Parker Brothers, Inc.

Dimensions of the box: 25.6 x 51 cm

This set has been issued by Parker Brothers in all North, Middle and South American countries where Spanish is spoken. It follows the well-known American standard edition in the white box with the streets of Atlantic City, but in the Spanish language.


The lid of this "Rectangular Long Box" shows the last part of the 4th side and Go. On top is the red bar with Rich Uncle Pennybags in the middle O. The dice show numbers 3 and 5. The bottom of the box is un-printed.

The back of the solid game board is blue. The word Monopoly goes in closed characters in a black frame sloping over the board. The innerbox contains except for a small plastic insert with 7 holes for the banknotes also a filling up piece of blue cardboard on which the "13 frequently asked questions" are printed in Spanish.

The game is entirely in the Spanish language but the money is in dollars. It are the well-known banknotes with the mention "Copyright 1935 by Parker Brothers Inc." in the centre circle.

The Casualidad (Chance) cards are red and the Arca Comunal (Community Chest) cards are yellow, both illustrated with funny pictures of Rich Uncle Pennybags identical to those of the original American issue.

There are 10 metal tokens are made in Hong Kong, and are: car, hat, thimble, dog, boat, iron, canon, rider-on-horse, shoe and wheelbarrow.

The houses and hotels with overhanging roofs are made of plastic and do have a centrally placed chimney. Both dice are white with black pips.

This edition was "Fabricado en los EE.UU". (Made in the USA)