(Dutch Caribbean island)

Live like a real Curaçao but in the world of Monopoly. Travel across the board to the most sought after areas of the island. Build houses and hotels at all the hotspots on the island. Negotiate with other players. Keep your wits about you and make sure you become the largest real estate broker. There can only be one the best. The rest goes bankrupt. It's that simple!

Most people know of the Curaçao "old Dutch" facades in Willemstad. But Curaçao is also famous for its beautiful beaches, the beautiful houses and the beautiful dive sites. In Curacao Monopoly you'll find everything Curaçao so special. Learn a little Papiamento, explore the beaches and immerse yourself in the ancient culture it has to offer in this piece of the Netherlands in the tropics.

This unique Curacao edition of Monopoly is a collectors item for anyone who has warm feelings for this country.

The most famous game in the world is now also one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

The rules come in Dutch, English and Papiamento.

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Year: 2014 - Code: Art Nr. 04474