Printing Errors and Mistakes (Worldwide)

Here are some of the mistakes made with Monopoly games from all over the world. I am sure there are a lot more out there.

Yellow Properties

From the very origin of the American Atlantic City editions a small mistake crept in the rents of the yellow streets.

Normally all rents of the first two streets of one block of three are equal while those of the 3rd street are somewhat more expensive. However, that didn't apply for the yellow streets for decades!

For indistinct reasons only the rent for the unbuilt most expensive yellow street has been the same as that of the other two.

Atlantic City (USA) 1935

These property deeds come from the 1935-First Deluxe Edition (Replica), item #1009 of 2002.

London 1972
London (UK) 1972

These property deeds come from the standard edition, Ref. # 44021.

Singapore 1987
Singapore (SGP) 1997

These property deeds come from the Singapore edition -"The Lion City", Ref. #402S.

Not until 1982 and often even later, as the specimen of Singapore shows, the rent of the unbuilt property of the 3rd street was raised. This phenomenon applied for all countries where Parker Brothers and Waddingtons issued their Monopoly  games!

1940 - Switzerland (CH)

Switzerland 1940
See what the Swiss did:

In the very early editions the error Parker made was followed by the Swiss manufacturer Carlit, viz. 3 times the same rent of Fr.440 was applied to the unbuilt yellow streets.

Switzerland 1940 - 1985

Carlit probably recognized Parker's mistake soon and improved it the wrong way in making the rent of the unbuilt property of the most expensive street, Rue de Bourg, the lowest, viz. Fr.400, instead of Fr.480.

That was maintained till about the end of the sixtees, after which the fault of 3x the same rent of Fr. 440 was re-introduced. It is absolutely unclear for which reason.

This version has been maintained till the issues of 1985, when the rent for the unbuilt Rue de Bourg finally became Fr.480.

± 1939 - Finland (FIN)

Finland 1939

Parker Brothers' error was also taken over in the first Finnish editions, meaning the rent on all 3 unbuilt properties being mk 4.000.

Finland 1944

However, in the ±1944 edition an additional error appeared: the yellow bar on the Mikonkatu property deed is missing.

1993 - [The] Strand (UK)

Strand 1993
Should this property be called "THE STRAND" or "STRAND" on the London gameboard.

The first red property on the UK gameboard with the streets of London is, and has always been according to the board, STRAND only, but the matching property deed says it to be THE STRAND even until 1993.

This is an abnormally, it may be considered an error or not.

± 1938

Banknote with pat. appl. for

In February 2007, Geert-Jan Siertsema - NL found an English edition, with the London game board from before WW II bought by his grandpa with Perry (the Dutch distributor of the English Monopoly editions) in Groningen - NL.

With it was, except for a Banker's Tray (or Money Holder), an additional set of banknotes of the design of that time, and printed in black on coloured paper (except for the 500 note).

It is not traceable which of the two sets originally came with the game and which one with the Banker's Tray, but there is a remarkable difference between both sets.

Banknote with wrong patent number

The notes of one set have the usual mention N° 3796-36.

While those of the other set wrongly mention Patent N° 3796-36.

However, such a patent never existed, because as Harold Lee, UK reports, the application of patent was applied by Parker Brothers on 7th February. 1936, and the patent was granted with Nr. 453689 on 16th September 1936.

It is likely that these bank notes may not have come from Waddington's.

± 1941 - United Kingdom Mini Box Edition - Error Set - Green Properties

UK No Green

Harold Lee's collection contains various editions that can be regarded as "error sets", because they all have some kind of print error or production mistake.

The error in this edition is the misprint of the property deeds of all green properties. The absence of the green banner on the deeds of Regent Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street must have been caused by the lack of ink.

± 1943 - United Kingdom

1943 UK Green 50

May 2012 Matt Robinson, UK pointed me out to this misprint of the £50 bank money of a UK "Mini-box edition with separate gameboard", where this money denomination ought to be in mauve/lilac rather than in green.

As Harold Lee, UK became aware of this Matt's contribution he wondered why he didn't mention the £20 note of that same edition as well. Because, as the picture alongside proves, the colors of the £20 and £50 notes, the paper quality and the printing in the banknote sets of all Waddingtons London editions frequently changed over the period ±1936 till ±1965.

20 and 50s

It is likely that the Green £50 was printed a few years before the rest of the money. This is the because the Green £50 was printed on an older design with the Patent App. For. The rest of the money was printed on plates with Patent Nr. 453689. In order to use the £50 green and not waste them, Waddington's had to change the colour of the £20 note and used what would have been used on the £50 note.

± 1946 - India - Standard London Edition - Black Box

India 1946 India 1946 India 1946

Harold Lee, UK owns various early Bombay manufactured Standard London editions, so those showing the illustration of "2 engines, 2 houses and the £ sign through the middle O" in the board's midfield.

To his surprise he discovered three remarkable print errors in his black box edition, he reported about as follows:

The board of this set has The Angel Islington coloured olive green instead of pale blue.

A misspelling was found in the Chance card that should read "Drunk in charge" Fine £20 and see what the printer has made of it!

And one of my most interesting finds is the printer did not know English places and have misspelt one of the stations: Fenchurch Station as French St. Station.

± 1961 Netherlands Monopoly De Luxe ("Black Box")

NL1961 NL1961

Floortje de Koning, NL wrote me the next story:

Yesterday I played a game of Monopoly with my mother as it attracted my attention that our edition (published by N.V. Smeets & Schippers Amsterdam, Monopoly De Luxe, patent no. 453689) contains an error:

On the A-Kerkhof and Groote Markt a player has to pay for a hotel more (viz. fl 1050) than on the Heerestraat (fl1000), while the Heerestraat used to be the most expensive, viz. fl 1100!

1987 - Singapore

Singapore 1987

The Singapore edition "The Lion City", ref. #402S from 1987 shows to have a printer's error. On the game board is the well known utility Electric Company, however, the corresponding property deed calls it Electric Station.

1996 - Hybrid edition of Ref. Nr. 14535: Czech lid on Dutch Inner box.


In a shipment of Monopoly editions in 2004 from Hasbro it appeared only a number of editions having been wrongly put together. That is something one doesn't expect and it only appears the moment you intend to play and take the shrinkwrap off the box.

But fortunately this rarity was found in time and the box wasn't opened. That the set is still in its original sealing may appear from the large picture.

David Miller, UK, bought a copy of this hybrid set March 2007 from someone who bought it in Bratislava himself. It was offered on the ebay auction site as a Slovak Monopoly, what it isn't! Although a sticker of the seller (see the picture; presumably a junk dealer who bought up Hasbro's misproduction) is in Slovakian and a copied Slovakian Rules is put inside the shrinkwrap the lid of the set is in Czech and the bottom in Dutch. I wonder if Hasbro would have cooperated with Tinaco to originally shrinkwrap this set with a copied Rules or that this firm re-shrinkwrapped the set after it had added these Rules and put its stickers on top the barcode.

So in a set opened by Albert, he found with great surprise the board and cards are all Czech, so with the streets of Prague, instead of Bratislava, as the lid of the game already promissed! So in fact this edition is a complete Czech set, except for the bottom part of the box.

No idea why it is introduced as a Slovak edition in Slovakia.

2000 - Hybrid Edition of Ref. Nr. 14535: Hungarian Lid on Spanish(Madrid) Inner Box


In the same shipment of 2004 there were a few more hybrid editions, but of a different combination. As it appears from the picture it now concerns the lid of the standard Hungarian edition on the innerbox of the standard Spanish edition of the Madrid design.

Consequently it is very likely other hybrid combinations having been caused in that same period, like the reverse of this composition, so, a Spanish lid on a Hungarian innerbox. However, this hybrid variant hasn't yet turned up.

1999/2001 - €uro edition, Ref. Nr. 05597; Europe edition, Ref. Nr. 15283

1999-euro 1999-euro

In 1999 Parker/ Hasbro took the opportunity with the introduction of the Euro to launch another special European edition. Since 1991 the EEC/EU was expanded by 3 countries, whereas the subject was raised that after 1999 another seven new countries would join. The makers of this edition had already anticipated on this by situating those countries at the beginning of the game. The most expansive properties are the capitals of those countries being member from the start. Groups that became members at the same moment are arranged according to the number of inhabitants of their capital cities.

So the first seven capitals and countries from this edition were arranged as follows on the various game boards:

Vilnius (Lithuania) - Riga (Latvia) - Sofia (Bulgaria) - Bucharest (Romania) - Warsaw (Poland) - Budapest (Hungaria), this is not the capital! - Geneva (Switserland) ..... etc.

However ..... the knowledge of geography of the designers of this game board apparently was not of a high level, because they were wrong in:

Geneva being the capital city of Switzerland

besides Switszerland has never felt the need to join the EEC/EU and that is why this country shouldn't be represented in neither of these editions.

It took two years before the "capital error" was rectified, done by Parker/Hasbro with the release of the new edition Europe, in which the correct capital Bern shows up. But still Switzerland shouldn't be among the EU countries!

2005 - Germany - Heute, Ref. 00114/00402

2005-heute-1 2005-heute-2

This first edition (February 2005) of the German edition of the this worldwide edition was most probably achieved under pressure. For that reason it was forgotten to mention the number of pips thrown must be multiplied by 10,000 on both Utility cards.

In the second version of this edition, called Banking (June 2005) in Germany and a few other countries, came the use of credit cards and a card reader, this error was rectified (see the right card).

2005 - Germany - Disney 3D, Ref. Nr. 19631 100


This striking fairy game with its three dimensional fairy castle in the centre of the game board had two errors in its first edition. These were:

The story on the bottom of the box contains  two errors in the text, "... hilfreich zur Seite chte (ought to be: steht) auf  deinen Besitztümern Hütten und Schlösser und genieße mit Dsney Monopoly ...".

Although the lid shows but 6 + 1 tokens the game comes with 8 + 1. These are, Alice in Wonderland - Peter Pan - Mogli - Lady and the Tramp - Dumbo - Pinocchio + a golden Tinker Bell and (not shown on the lid) Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

These errors were mended in later editions.

2005 - Hungary - Itt és Most! (Here and Now), Ref. Nr. 070500114 165


As the Ref. Nr. shows the Hungarian version of "Here and Now" was also launched mid 2005.

Striking to this game are the many question marks (?) in the text at the bottom of the box. They represent as many times an é, a character not very typical even for Hungarian with its many accents.(Click for a larger picture on adjacent one.)

2005 - Germany - Heute, Ref. 00114/00402

2006-USA-Arch-front 2006-USA-Arch-back

It was Perla Calas from the USA who pointed me to this very special edition of hers saying "I have a Monopoly edition Here and Now, the US version 2006, where all the property cards are misprinted on the reverse."

All the property cards have the same error which is that they all have one property on the front and a completely different property on the back.

2008 - United Kingdom - Aston Villa Football Club, Ref. 169001020

2008-av-front 2008-av-error

This version of Aston Villa Football Club has an error in the description on the back of the box. It says in the second paragraph, William McMcGregor and should be William McGregor.

This is from the first Aston Villa Football Club version from 2008.

2009 - Hungary - CITY edition - Ref. Nr. 0701790165


The designers of this Hungarian game board dropped a stitch where The Start corner of the board namely shows Strat and so this error is visible every time the image of the board is shown, so on the lid, the bottom side of the box and on page 4 of the Rules.

However, it is written the correct way in texts like those of the the Chance cards) and of the Rules.

2010 - Germany - CITY edition - Ref. Nr. 00232100


Like with the Hungarian issue of the CITY edition the designers have dropped a stitch, which apparently not recognised before the game went into production.

In the Jail Corner, it should say "Nur zu Besuch" but it says "Zu nur zu Besuch".

2020 - Breaking Bad - USAopoly - Code: US-PR/202002/9264

2020-breaking-bad 2020-breaking-bad

This ia a popular edition from USAopoly available to American and Canadian customers.

On the left is the version from the rule book included in the game, which is not the correct way to give out the money and it shows differently on the rules which can be found online.