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Franklin Mint Pocket Watch

Pocket watch on stand

Publisher: Franklin Mint/Hasbro - 2004

Diameter: 5 cm

Dimensions of the base: 7 x 7 x 8 cm

This came a few years after the Franklin mint version was released. Also a clock was released as well.

With the watch, the metal parts of the watch and the link chain are gilded and silvered and the parts in relief are accented by a black surface.

The face is of course a picture of the American game board with the streets of Atlantic City.

The wooden storage box of this watch is mahogany-coloured, like the aforementioned items.

On one side of the wooden storage box is a golden plate Monopoly.

On the loose cover is a mini version of the Monopoly board.

This all is completed by the advancing Mr.Monopoly as an Atlas Figure!