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2004 Pocket Watch 2004 Pocket Watch

Franklin Mint Pocket Watch

Pocket watch on stand

Publisher: Franklin Mint/Hasbro - 2004

Diameter: 5 cm

Dimensions of the base: 7 x 7 x 8 cm

This came a few years after the Franklin mint version was released. Also a clock was released as well.

With the watch, the metal parts of the watch and the link chain are gilded and silvered and the parts in relief are accented by a black surface.

The face is of course a picture of the American game board with the streets of Atlantic City.

The wooden storage box of this watch is mahogany-coloured, like the aforementioned items.

On one side of the wooden storage box is a golden plate Monopoly.

On the loose cover is a mini version of the Monopoly board.

This all is completed by the advancing Mr.Monopoly as an Atlas Figure!


2018 Cash Grab 2018 Cash Grab

Cash Grab with Money Blaster

Have you ever wanted an excuse to shoot money at friends? Now you have one with the Monopoly Cash Grab game with a Money Blaster. Hasbro unveiled this brand new version of the classic where you basically shoot money into the air for other players to collect.

It runs on three AAA batteries and comes with a complete set of special Monopoly bills where people can earn, lose, and collect large sums of cash.

In the Monopoly Cash Grab game, it is a mad dash to get the cash!

To play, load the Monopoly Money into the Money Blaster (aka the Bank), and spin the spinner to blast loads of cash and Chance cards into the air. Rush to grab as much cash as you can to win the game – but don’t stop there!

Collect Chance cards to add more strategy to the game – such as swapping money stacks with another player, taking half of any one player’s money stack, or making all players pass their money stack to the left. Once the blaster is empty, the player with the most cash wins!