Stroudsburg, PA (USA)

Maker: unknown - ±1933

Dimensions of the square oil cloth: 80 x 80 cm

Joan Weber from Sinking Spring, PA - USA, the actual owner of this set tells about it:

"We inherited the game from my husband Bill's parents. When his mother passed away in 1989, the game was found rolled up in her dresser, along with all the pieces. Bill and his older sister played the game with their parents when they were young. The Weber family linage goes back five generations based in Scranton and Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Bill was born in East Stroudsburg, and the streets on the game are personalized in and around Stroudsburg, Pa. His grandparents lived on Scott Street.

As far as the Rules are concerned ... my husband tells me that the family never had any written down Rules, his mother "just knew the Rules, which they went by."

The oilcloth Monopoly board is 31½ inches square, and the edges are slightly tattered given that is was rolled up in a dresser for so many years. Although, the game really is in quite good condition, the paint is quite brilliant on the board and the deeds, which paint matches. We have the houses and hotels, which are made out of wooden molding. The houses are one inch in length and the hotels are two inches in length. We have 24 houses and 5 hotels. Also, we have the play money which is quite beautiful and colorful. The Community Chest, Chance cards and deeds are all typewritten.

After studying the pictures of this oilcloth Ralph Anspach came to the following conclusion:

"The design seems to be very close to what might have been an experimental version created by Darrow since it is very close to Monopoly. Since the owners knew Darrow, my guess is that he experimented with the game with his friends and they then personalized it. The rectangular color coded panels were often used by folk game players in their designs".

The street names, utilities and railroads include from Go onwards:

1st St. - Community Chest - 2nd St. - Pay Income Tax 10% - D&H RR - Day St. - Chance - Bryant St. - New St. - Jail - State St. - Elec.Co. - Court St. - Main St. - Penn.RR - Wallace St. - Community Chest - Sarah St. - Scott St. - Free Parking - Oak St. - Walnut St. - Chance - Chestnut St. - Lehigh RR - Andrews Ave. - Burton Ave. - Water Works - Mason Ave. - Go To Jail - Cherry Lane - Riverside Dr. - Community Chest - Scottland Rd. - DL&W RR - Chance - Grove Place - Pay Luxury Tax $75 and Elaine Place.

I've on purpose added the rather poor section of the "Go To Jail" space in order to get a good impression of the oilcloth. The cloth's back side shows a pattern of squares-in-squares. Further more is to be seen on the playing surface that:

  • There are no prices mentioned on the board spaces.
  • The Chance and Community Chest spaces are both alongside the first side.
  • There is nothing in the game board's midfield.
  • The illustrations of the RR, Jail, Electric Works, Free Parking and Water Works are very plain.

The 28 property cards (127 x 75 mm) are typewritten on cardstock that is color coded to the playing surface. The Mortgage Value is written under the rent prices and there is only one "Cost to build".

There are 62 Chance and Community Chest typewritten cards (64 x 75 mm) on cardstock. Both Chance and Community Chest cards now yellow with age, but most probably white when new. These cards are separated and distinguished apart according to the back of the cards which have, handwritten in pencil, C and CC respectively.

Some of the texts on the Community Chest and Chance cards that deviate from todays editions read as follows:

  • Go to Incomce Tax or to Jail
  • Hail storm broke your window. Pay $25
  • Your bank balance is below $100. Pay $1.
  • You have won second price in a beauty contest. Collect $11.
  • Church benevolence $10
  • The owner of the Pennsylvania R.R. whises to refund you $15.

All 26 wooden houses (25 mm) and 5 wooden hotels (50 mm!) are brown. The banknotes actually are "coupons of value" (6.8 x 14.2 cm). They are all yellow-orange on one side with "Rubenstein's - New York" printed in black on the bottom and green on the reverse. The game has a total of 23,993 coupons of value, divided as follows: 128 one's - 89 five's - 79 ten's - 79 twenty's - 87 fifty's - 97 one hundred's and 14 five hundred's.