Tycoon - The Real Estate Game (USA)


Edition: # 6405

Publisher: The Avalon Hill Game Comp. - Baltimore, MD 21214

Dimensions of the box: 25 x 50 cm

The streets, squares and districts are those of New York. "Go to Jail" is replaced by "Appear in Court" and so the jail became a "Court". There are no Stations, Waterworks or Electric Company on this game board. They are replaced by Law Firm instead houses and hotels areApartments and Condos.

Remarkable is the legal pool on Free Parking!

Both the box and the game board are black, mainly white printed. (The meaning of the supplied black quiver is not quite clear). There are 3 kinds of cards, viz.: Legal, Venture and Constructions. On the fourth space of the midfield (Slush Fund) fines are to be paid.

For tokens, there are 6 coloured pawns.