Salt Lake City - The Game of Monogamy (USA)


Behold This Is A Choice Land

Publisher: Word Publishing- SLC

Dimensions of the box: 49.4 x 50.6 cm

Dimensions of the quiver: length 54 cm, diam. 8 cm

The game: The Game rules start saying: The object of this game is to have fun. Beyond that, there is no object. And this is important because this game is obviously based on the religion of the Church of Jezus Christ of Later Day Saints, the Mormons who's main seat is in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    The soft game board that must be stored in a quiver, has 9 fields per side instead of the usual 10. From "This is the place" they are:
  • 1st side: Magna (a shopping centre in SLC) - Choose the Right - West Valley City - Tithing - UTA (Bus Company) - Murra (a town in the vicinity) - Faith - Cotton Wood (a town in the vicinity) - Airport Parking
  • 2nd side: Sugar House (former distribution centre for the poor, now well known shop) -UP&L (Utah Power & Lighting) - Country Club - Trolley (forerunner of the Bus Comapny) - Downtown Salt Lake - C.T.R. - Avenues (a town in the vicinity) - Federal Heights (a town in the vicinity) - Just Touring / Church
  • 3rd side: Holladay - Faith - Olympus Cove - Carriage Rides - Alta (ski run) - Brighton (small town in the mountains) - Pumping Project (a water reservoir that was used up too fast) - Park City (a tourist miner town in the mountains)
  • 4th side: Go to Church - Hidden Valley - C.T.R. - Pepper Wood - Heber Creeper (the train who transported the granite for the Temple from the mountains) - Faith - St.Mary's - Marriage - Walker Lane.

The banker is of the Deseret Currency Association, DCA (Deseret is a Mormon trade company). Besides the cash he handles the property cards, the Wards (green markers, as houses) and Stakehouses (red markers, as hotels).

    The 5 tokens represent a significant historic event within the Salt Lake Valley. They are as follows:
  • CTR Ring
  • UTAH Busy Bee
  • Sunbeam Baby
  • Scripture Book
  • Brigham Young's Hat.

The GO space is changed into "This is the Place" monument where you receive as much as usual on Go, being nowadays $2,000.

    The Choose the Right and Faith cards are instead of the Chance and Community Chest cards. Among these are the striking Baby Cards (Bless Them The Little Children). These Baby cards increase the players family and must be retained untill so indicated! Some examples of these cards:
  • Ski season: If you own Alta, Park City or Brighton Collect $200. If not pay $200 for Season pass.
  • Jazz (a SLC basketball team) lose championship again …. lose $60 on Delta Center Seats (a sports centre).
  • Send kid on Mission. Give $1000 and one child.

When a player lands on the Tithing space he must "count his many blessings" and pay 10% of all his acquired Deseret Dollars to the DCA.

When he lands upon the Marriage space he must pay $1,000 for wedding arrangements (to be sealed to a companion for time and all eternity). If he lands upon this space again, he must pay $1,000 for an anniversary celebration!

A player is worthy of going to Church when he lands upon the Go To Church square or when he is blessed with doubles three times in succession. He cannot be blessed with $2,000 for passing "This Is The Place" monument in that move, since he has already been blessed by being sent to Church!

A player landing on the Airport Parking square must lose one turn to dodge confusing signs, out-of-the-way detours, refurning missionaries who have lost their luggage, drunk airline pilots and confused tourists from Budapest (!?) who just want to know where the bathroom is!