Greater Miamiopoly (USA)


Publisher: WorldOpoly, Inc.

Dimensions of the box: 24.7 x 48.9 cm

The well known oblong box is white and the cover shows a drawn illustration of the luxury holiday resort Miami. The same illustration is on the midfield of the white board. (The back side of this board is black). In this game players are called visitors who can buy businesses and attractions thoughout the Miami area.

Winner of the game obtains the right to residency in "this fine South Florida region"! The 4 tokens are poor, plastic pawns. At the beginning of the game 2 players "must step into the public spotlight"! One must be nominated as the City Treasurer while the other becomes The Manager of the Miami Branche of the Small Business Association. This person handles distribution of business licenses as well as distributing branches and corporate offices.

The properties are called Business Licenses you buy from the city. You may expand your properties with branches (white houses) and corporate offices (lilac hotels) as soon as you own a shopping center, which is an entire colour group. At the well-known space of the Jail is the remark Proceed to Traffic Court. And that is at the space where usually is advised "Go to Jail". At the court is also a driving school, where you should take lessons! The "Free Parking" corner became the Lottery where one may take all the cash in the "City Kitty!"

The banknotes are extremely simple coloured pieces of paper with $ sign and amount. Of those you receive 250 passing Start.

The 2 stacks of cards (it would not surpise you) are named Surprise and Treasure Chest. The texts on these cards are illustrated with a suitable drawing of a pelican. Should you have bad luck you'll draw a card "You ran a red light, go straight to Traffic Court (DO NOT CROSS START)". But with a little luck you can leave the space without paying with the card "This certificate proves that you attended Driving School, you are now entitled to leave Traffic Court without paying bail".

Between the 2 most expensive streets (resp. WORLDOPLY Inc. and MiamiOpoly) is the space Donate to Camillus House. This is a real charitable organization offering food, clothing, shelter, medical services, and social services for the poor and homeless of Miami!

The rules of play are in English and in Spanish, printed on an insert of the box. The game however in in English only.

This game is used by The Miami Herald as a business present.