Medical Monopoly (USA)


Publisher: Professional Games, Inc

Dimensions of the box: 28.2 x 47.5 cm

The game: Professional Games, the manufacturer of this set, is the brainchild of Chicago attorney James N.Vail who wanted to design two games to teach people about the medicine and law professions in a fun way. In 1979 he copyrighted the games Medical Monopoly and Attorney Power. However, it took till 1993 before the first issue was published. It was re-issued in the fall of 1998.

Object of this very interesting game is to be the first Medical Doctor to fill his hospital with patients completely. This is done by landing on certain spaces on the board and recognizing and solving medical problems! For this purpose each player is given his own hospital and the right to practice medicine to start the game.

There are but 4 hospitals and so 4 tokens. Each hospital has place for 12 patients so there are 48 patients (18 x 23 mm green pieces of carton, with the portait of a nice looking person!) in total. START is for each player in the middle of a side, opposite his own hospital. It is played counter clockwise and one may choose the number of spaces to move indicated on only one of the dice. On the way one gets the opportunity to buy drugs, organs and tools as well as to gather patients for his hospital.

For example, if you land on a "TRANSPLANT" space and you select a card that shows the internal organs without the heart, and you have the heart-card in your possession, you now can perform a heart transplant operation. Therefore you have won 2 patients for your hospital. Disastrous however is the landing on the "TYPHOID FEVER CARRIER" space, because you catched the typhoid fever germ! Whenever you own the "TYPHOID FEVER CARRIER" card and land on any hospital visiting space, you are to roll the dice to determine how many hospital patient deaths your visit caused! Should you however be in possession of 1 of 2 "VACCINATION" cards your hospital will be protected against this disaster! The school bus crash can provide you with a number of patients. Should you land on this space you are to roll the dice to determine how many patients you have to admit in your hospital. The highest die is the number of injured, the lowest is the number of killed and the difference is the number of patients won!

Passing by Go means in this game "visit your own hospital": you receive $50 from each of the patients of your hospital. Should you however be in possession of the "TYPHOID FEVER CARRIER" card, you are to first determine the number of deaths you cause and then collect $50 from each of the survivors!

Finally this: You may become a Medical Specialist by landing on the concerning space (indicated by a $ sign!). That do cost $200 and all prices (positive as well as negative) double for you!

The cover of the box shows a blow-up of the $50 banknotes of this game. On the bottom side is a clear black and white picture of the game board and all attributes, as well as the statement "Copyright 1979, by James N. Vail".