Make-Your-Own-OPOLY (USA)

Code: Item# 1999

Publisher: TDC Games, Inc./Sagecliff Software, Inc.

Date: 1998

Dimensions of the box: 25.8 x 51.0 cm

    As the name does suppose you have to make your own Monopoly set with the content of this box! This is however not a Parker Brothers' issue and so there is no reference to this "world famous game". On the contrary, the differences have intentionally been made considerable:
  • For that purpose there are 8 spaces instead of 10.
  • And there are no Chance- and Community Chest fields but Bad News and Good News.
  • The Bad News and Good News cards can only be drawn on two of 4 "station fields"!
  • On the "Go To Jail" space is FATE! pre-printed. Here you must draw a Good News or a Bad News card.
  • On both the other "station spaces" is already as a fixed data Play Lotto, so that absolutely no railway stations can be made!

Most probable for many a man this will be as many reasons to not make his own OPOLY set with this box!

As the picture clearly shows a number of sheets with pre-printed stickers are supplied, like for the property deeds, the Good News and Bad News cards, the banknotes and even the stick labels for the gameboard and the lid of the box, by which it becomes your one-of-a-kind board game creation!

The designer of this kit leaves the possibility to hand write all cards and spaces, but he also supplies a floppy disk and a CD Rom with software you can provide everything with nice texts and pictures with. The floppy disk contains 25 images but the CD Rom features over 1,400. Besides you can practise your own images and scanned pictures.

For that purpose the programm immediately shows a color-image of the whole gameboard as editing screen. By clicking on the desired space it can be edited to your own opinion. The values mentioned on the spaces however, may not been changed! On the other hand you can put your proper picture on the banknotes!

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