Late For The Sky - Millenniumopoly (USA)


Publisher: Late for The Sky Prod.Comp.

Dimensions of the box: 26.5 x 50.5 cm

    Ever often specialty games appear that are both interesting and instructive. In this game 26 highlights of twenty centuries of worldhistory are quoted. An explanation of these events is given in an additionally supplied solid card, like:
  • Gutenberg Bible - The first book ever produced mechanically was a Bible printed in Europe around 1455 on a press invented by Johann Gutenberg. Gutenberg developed his process of printing by using movable type. The 42 line Bible consisted of 1,284 pages, each with two columns of text containing 42 lines to a column.
  • Marco Polo - Born in 1254, Marco Polo was a Venetian explorer whose account of his travels in Asia was the primary source for the European image of the Far East until the late 19th century. His travels stimulated Western interest in Far Eastern trade and influenced people such as Christopher Columbus.

The spaces on the board are from "Father Time" resp.:

Year 1000 - Big Fun! - The Plague - Exterminate Y2K Bug / Pay $200 - Leif Ericcson - Wesminster Abbey - Contingency - Galileo - Magna Carta - 20th Century/Moving forward - Renaissance - Peace - Gutenberg Bible - Copernicus - Marco Polo - Shakespeare - Big Fun! - Mozart - Michelangelo - Happy New Year! - American Revolution - Contingency - Thomas Edison - Industrial Revolution - Christopher Columbus - Telephone - Modern Olympics - Love - Amelia Earhart - Back to 20th Century - Television - Rock 'N' Roll - Big Fun! - Fall of Berlin Wall - Neil Armstrong - The Internet - Contingency - Party Clean Up / $75 and Year 2000.

Note that the stations are "explorers" here!

    On field that is called "Contingency" in each edition are now again 14 numbered yellow cards with very appropriate texts like:
  • The year is 1480. Leonardo Da Vinci invents the parachute. Parachute forward 7 spaces.
  • The year is 1518. Spectacles are created for the shortsighted. Fumble forward 3 spaces and buy a pair. Place $50 in center of board.

    Some funny texts of the 14 blue "Big Fun!" cards are:
  • The first television broadcast was in 1928. There's still nothing on! - Advance to Gutenberg Bible and get a book.
  • "The automobile is just a fad … it will never replace the horse." - Drive to the Industrial Revolution.

The 6 silver colored metal tokens are in random order: Viking boat, biplane, Neil Armstrong on the moon, horse, old car and a computer.

Instead of houses and hotels there are 32 blue Blocks of Time (with dial) and 12 green Centuries consisting of a shield on base.

The money consists of uninteresting banknotes of "Late For The Sky - Cincinnaty, Ohio" in the denominations 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500.