Late For The Sky -Bibleopoly Editions (USA)


Version 1

Publisher: Late for The Sky Prod.Comp.

Dimensions of the box: 25.8 x 50.2 cm

The game: It is obvious that the object of this game is to build a church on a Bible city!

The spaces on this very solid game board of this very special game are from "In the Beginning":

Philippi - Faith - Thyatira - Tyre - Abyss - Ephesus - Contingency - Philadelphia - Smyrna - Meditation - Caesarea - Contribute 10 Offerings to Community Celebration - Antioch of Syria - Capernaum - Abyss - Laodicea - Faith - Corinth - Pergamum - Rejoice /Community Celebration - Damascus - Miletus - Berea - Abyss - Sardis - Thessalonica - Feed the Hungry - Rhodes - Go Meditate - Athens - Tarsus - Faith - Rome - Abyss - Nazareth - Contingency - Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

On the "City deeds" (no property deeds!) is a reference to bible texts where the concerning city is mentioned, like "Tarsus - birthplace of Paul: Acts 9:11, 30; 21:39". Half of all 24 deeds are to be dealt due to the first player all at once, then all the deeds due to the second player all at once, and so on. You will not be the owner of the cities but just the Caretaker.

The remaining cities of the desired color can be obtained when you land on the concerning space and make the required Offering as indicated to the Overseer. If the player does not want to become Caretaker for the city, the player who takes the highest Offering may become the Caretaker. No trading of deeds between players is allowed at any time!

When landing on a city with Caretaker, contribute to the building of that city's church by making the Offering shown on the bottom of the city's deed. If you are unable to give the complete Offering, you give the Offerings you have, and play continues while you remain in game.

    Building a church may begin when a Caretaker tends all 3 cities of a colour group. Each player builds only one church and does so with the colour of his/her proper token - Steeple. A church consists of:
  • 1 Cornerstone
  • 3 Bricks
  • 1 Steeple (your token)

    A Cornerstone can be aquired by:
  • 1. helping another player to complete a color group by giving a deed so he/she can also begin to building a church. For that purpose you give the desired city away and receive nothing in return but do receive a free Cornerstone from the Overseer.
  • 2. A player can only require a Cornerstone by doing Community Service when it is impossible to do #1. This is done by sitting out for 3 turns and during this time not receiving Offerings. After that you receive a Cornerstone from the Overseer.

Bricks may be acquired only after a Cornerstone is placed on a city. They are acquired after each completion of a turn in which you lands on or passes "In the Beginning" and "pay" 30 Offerings.

After these 3 Bricks have been placed you must complete another turn and make an Offering of 45 to the Overseer. Not until then you may place your Steeple on the church and so you became the winner!

Dedication ceremony: All tokens now advance to the city with the new church for the dedication. The church builder then announce the name of his or her completed church.

    In the course of the match you may land on the fields Abyss and Faith/Contingency. Naturally the texts on the relevant cards relate to the bible, like:
  • Luke 6:20 - Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. - Advance to Feed The Poor.
  • All tokens move backward to Philippi to help Paul establish his first church in Europe.

When we compare this game with the regular Monopoly we'll see the following similarities and differences:

Monopoly Bibleopoly
You start on GO You start on "In the Beginning"
Streets who are in property Cities of which you are Caretaker
Jail Meditation
Free Parking Rejoice / Community Celebration
Go to Jail Go Meditate
4 Stations 4 x Abyss - the cards are on the Community Chest field
Chance Cards Faith / Contingency cards - each with their own spaces on the board
Trade is done with banknotes Offerings are made with notes
Houses and hotels are built on each street of a colour group There is but one church built in 1 city of a colour group


Version 2

Publisher: Late for The Sky Prod.Comp.

Dimensions of the box: 25.8 x 50.2 cm

This re-issue of the set of 1991 is identifiable by its different color order of the 5 roofs on the lid, viz.: yellow - orange - red - purple and green. And for the rest the whole box and the game board look a bit more edited and luxurious. However, all cards, the rules and "Quick Start" card are still from 1991.