Gay Monopoly (USA)


"A Celebration of Gay Life!"

Publisher: The Parker Sisters - Div.of Fire Island Games, Inc.

Dimensions of the box: 25.2 x 50.7 cm

This is definately a very special and interesting game because it is brought and played with a lot of humour. In addition it is instructive because the Rules give a detailed explanation, like for example the why of Family Pride cards. The Rules are written with a great show of words. With real gay allusions who will not always be clear to everyone!

About the banker for example is written: " …choose this person carefully. A good choose would be someone who watches Let's Make A Deal often or perhaps a player who frequents S&M slave auctions. If no one fits these descriptions, at least, get someone who occasionally buys his own drinks. If you are still without a candidate, just settle for anyone who enjoys deposits and withdrawals and who looks cute wearing nothing but a banker's visor. With this last one, make sure she keeps her hands out of the till. She is likely to have had so many sugardaddies that she will confuse her own cash with that of the Bank."

    The double-sided (naturally) black gameboard also has 40 spaces but here they are situated in a circle.
  • Go is "Stonewall Savings", the gay bank. On passing by you receive … $ 203!
  • Jail is "Straight City", that is "Heteros-City". Slogan: "Home dull Home".
  • Free Parking is Gay America and is a Space to Rest.
  • On the 4th square (of the circle) you are returned to Straight City.
  • There are 3 kinds of cards with corresponding spaces on the game board: Family Pride - Manipulation and Ollie's Sleaze Bag.
  • The "leading character" is Ollie Gaytor, the alligator.
  • The figures 6 and 9 and 69 occur remarkably often!
  • Of course the game board is excessively provided with sketches of handsome and tough boys.

The streets are famous gay places in a number of American cities and instead of train stations there are 4 famous disco's. From Stonewall Savings the fields are:

Santa Monica Boulevard (L.A.) - Family Pride - Palm Springs (L.A.) - Ollie's Sleaze Bag - STUDIO ONE - South Broadway (Denver) - Main street (Dubuque) - Hard Assets Tax - Pike street (Seattle) - Straight City/Just Cruisin' By - Folsom street (San Fransisco)- Ollie's Sleaze Bag - Castro street (San Fransisco) - Russian River - TROCADERO TRANSFER - Clark street (Chicago) - Manipulation - Provincetown - Tremont street (Boston) - Gay America/Rest Place - Du Pont Circle (Washington D.C.) - Oscar's Wild Waterworks - Spruce street (Philadelphia) - Peachtree street (Atlanta) - BACKSTREET - Ft.Lauderdale - Biscayne Boulevard (Miami) - Ollie's Sleaze Bag - Key West - Immoral Morons/Go straight to Straight City - Cedar Springs Road (Dallas) - Hunky Power Company - Westheimer street (Houston) - Bourbon street (New Orleans) - THE SAINT - Ollie's Sleaze Bag - Christopher street (New York) - Luxury Tax en Fire Island.

Instead of houses are Ollie's bars, 30 round carton discs (diam. 17 mm). Instead of hotels are 12 pewter bathhouses. The pewter tokens are: a hair dryer - leather cap - teddy bear- high heeled shoe - handcuffs and a jeep.

The money consists of gay-$-notes with the text "In Gays we Trust", in the denominations: 1 (light pink)= Emperor Hadrian - 3 (dark pink)= President Ollie - 10 (light purple)= Julis Caesar - 20 (dark purple)=Czar Alexander - 50 (dark blue)= Frederick the Great - 100 (light blue)= Richard the Lionheart and 500 (grey)= Alexander the Great. These men are all known or rumoured to have been gay.

Family Pride cards:

"The Pink Triangle as a symbol for gay people originated in Nazi Germany. While many people know that Jews were herded into concentration camps during the Third Reich and required to wear armbands with a yellow Star of David, very few people,including some gays, realize that countless gay people were also sent to the same camps and forced to wear armbands bearing a Pink Triangle before they, too, were sent to their deaths. … In the hope that gay people will learn more about their illustrious gay family members, the Family Cards were created as part of this game."

    Each of those 21 cards is worth reading but I will refer to but two very different personalities:
  • King David (1012-972 B.C.) - The love affair of this Biblical hero, poet and king and his lover Jonathan, son of Saul, is celebrated in many of the Psalms he wrote. Denied and ignored for centuries by Christians and Jews alike, the intensity of their gay love still shines out: 'My brother Jonathan, thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.' (2 Samuel 1:26)
  • Ollie Gaytor (Ageless) - Often referred to as the Gay Everyman, he is widely revered and acclaimed in blackrooms and alleyways all across America. His most lasting achievement is, without doubt, his selection three years running as Mr. Congeniality at the Fire Island Meat Rack.

When a player lands on the Family Pride space, he takes the top card of the deck and read aloud the description of the famous gay man pictured on the back. If the player can then correctly identify his gay forefather, he may advance to any space he wishes on the board!

Manipulation cards = Ollie's Hanky Code

When a player lands on the Manipulation space, he takes the top of 16 cards and try to give a correct description of that hanky color's meaning when worn on both the right and left side. If he was right, he receives $ 69, but if he was wrong, he must pay Stonewall Savings $ 69!

Ollie's Sleaze Bag cards

The meaning of this deck of 31 cards corresponds the most to the familiar Community Chest cards. However, the instructions differ completely. I was happy to find two cards with more or less familiar instructions like:

  • Go directly to Straight City - Do not pass Stonewall Savings.
  • Your Madame Butterfly halloween costume was to die for - Collect $ 43 - 2nd prize.

The deck also contains 3 Wild cards and 3 Camp cards. For the Wild cards you must roll one die and follow the instruction on the card. The Camp cards however form the heart of Gay Monopoly and you should add as many as you can think of! That is because the instructions are of the kind singing - acting and making jokes. "If you can't camp you should go straight to Straight City!"