Appleopoly (USA)


Publisher: Leo Burnett Company, Inc., Chicago

Dimensions of the box: 23.7 x 49.0 cm

The booklet 100 LEO's, Wit & Wisdom from Leo Burnett tells that:

Apples have been saying welcome to Leo Burnett Company visitors since August 5, 1935 (the year of which is said the Monopoly games came on the market as well!). On that hot day in the middle of the Depression, supreme optimist Leo Burnett and eight associates opened the doors of their newly formed advertising agency for the first time. To brighten up the place, the receptionist set out a BOWL OF APPLES. Representing the spirit of caring and concern for employees and clients alike, the apples have been on reception desks in Burnett offices every day. Burnett offices around the world also follow the apple tradition, giving visitors and employees ample food for thought.

This set was made for their own employees only to Celebrating 54 years in the Ad game

The properties on the board are no streets but Accounts who are consequently not for sale but to win! You will recognize for sure something familiar in names like: BLACK & DECKER BELTWAY, PEPSICO PLAZA, 7-UP STRIP, BASF STUDIOS and PHILIP MORRIS PLANTATION. The back side of the board is black. Instead of houses and hotels purple Cubicles and black Wacker buildings are to be built on these properties.

On the station fields are now: OLDSMOBILE DEALERSHIP - UNITED AIRLINES - STAR-KIST PIER and CATHAY PACIFIC AIRLINES. The Jail became here a WORKING WEEKEND and instead of Free Parking you'll get FREE COFFEE here! All money required to be paid other then rent is paid to the Free Coffee fund and is finally for the player who lands on this space.

    The pink Memo and green Petty Cash card decks are situated exactly the other corners than the Chance and Community Chest decks use to be. A few of the instructions on these nicely illistrated cards are:
  • Get lost in Marlboro Country. Lose a turn.
  • The agency is opening an office in the South Pole and you're on the list of possible creative directors. Call your headhunter and go back three spaces.
  • Your boss goes to Camp LEO and all you got was a lousy t-shirt. Roll again.

The tokens are of course also veryappropriate: pencils in various colors. However you have to cut them apart yourself and put them into a white plastic stand. The money consists of one-side printed, coloured banknotes with a "hand and 6 stars" in the midfield.