Monopoly Playmaster (USA)

Electronic Accessory for a Faster Paced Game - 1982

Ref: No. 3900

Publisher: Parker Brothers, Beverley, MA

Dimensions of the box: 8.0 x 28.4 x 40.5 cm

    This remarkable accessory adds 3 specialties to the Monopoly game:
  • 1. Auctions for players to collect properties more quickly.
  • 2. Buyback, through which it becomes possible to buy a color group as a whole.
  • 3. Loan, to build houses and hotels faster.

The basic rules remain unchanged. The bank, the gameboard, the cards, everything keeps the same meaning. Playmaster however, with its exciting new lights, sounds and electronic dice adds an extra dimension.

To use Playmaster it is placed on the centre of the gameboard in such a way that its Chance and Community Chest holes falls over the corresponding spaces on the board. Next the 9V power pack is to connect. Before the start of the game players have to become familiar with those quite a few noices and melodies like:

Start of the game We're in the Money
Double throw Merrily we roll along
Chance and Community Chest Beethoven's Piano Sonata
Go to Jail Siren
Loan We're in the Money
Call Loan Beethoven's 5th Symphony
Auction 16 High Wheezes
Buy Back Schubert's Lieder
Free Parking The Circus March
Income Tax / Super tax Framboze
Station I've Been Working on the Railroad
Bankruptcy Taps
Passing GO Charge

This interesting instrument was also sold in the European countries Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Spain.