Jigsaw Puzzles (USA)

Ref. #479

Publisher: Parker Bros.

Date: ???

Dimensions of the box: ???

Dimensions of the picture: 21" x 21"

The game: The first Monopoly jigsaw. This had 625 pieces and was just the American Monopoly Board/

Ref. 4897

Publisher: Parker Bros. / Hasbro, Inc. / Geoffrey, Inc

Date: 1998

Dimensions of the box: 31.4 x 31.4 cm

Dimensions of the picture: 45.7 x 61.0 cm

The game: Rich Uncle Pennybags says of this 550 piece puzzle: "As my Monopoly game nears the golden age of 65, it seemed a good time to reflect on the colorful history of the world's most popular game. When you have completed the puzzle, use the legend to see how my game has evolved since the original edition was introduced in 1935"

  • 1. Standard, Ref. Nr. 9 of 1962.
  • 2. Fragment of the box with Green Border - Popular Ed.No.8 / Junior Ed.No.6, from the period 1935 till 1954.
  • 3. Deluxe Anniversary Edition of 1985.
  • 4. Fragment of the box with Green Border - Popular Ed.No.8 / Junior Ed.No.6, from the period 1935 till 1954.
  • 5. Tin of 1985, also introduced for the 50th Anniversary.
  • 6. Bronze Medal of the U.S. Monopoly Championship in 1987
  • 7. Standard White Box sold from 1935 until 1956
  • 8. Yellow Box with locomotive from 1957.
  • 9. The cardgame of 1994
  • 10. The original issue of Stock Exchange from the period 1936 until 1940
  • 11. The small box with Red Border - Popular Ed.No.8 / Junior Ed.No.6, from the period 1935 until 1954.
  • 12. Property deeds from the 1995 60th Annyversary edition
  • 13. Deluxe edition gameboard from the 1960s. The two colour wooden houses and hotels were used in various editions in the 1960s and 1970s
  • 14. Gameboard of the Deluxe edition from Dunhill Ltd. of the London version. (The tokens shown however do not belong to this set!)
  • 15. Postcard from the 1930s with the Steel Pier and Boardwalk in Atlantic City.
  • 16. Postcard from the 1930s with St.Charles and the Breakers hotel in Atlantic City.
  • 17. The board with accessories of the first Limited Edition of the 60th Anniversary edition of 1995.
  • 18. Standard edition gameboard, shown with hotels from the 50th Anniversary Tin and tokens from the 50th Anniversary Boxed edition.
  • 19. Deluxe edition gameboard from the 1970s, shown with tokens from various editions.
  • 20. Large car token produced in 1977 for the dedication of Parker Brothers' new corporate headquarters in Beverley, Massachusetts. Until 1991, the games were produced at the works in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • 21. A box with wooden houses and hotels in 2 colors from the 1960s and 1970s.
  • 22. Fragment of the Monopoly Jigsaw Puzzle with 625 pieces of 1975. Dimensions of the picture: 53.5 x 53.5 cm.
  • 23. Fragment of Charles Darrow's gameboard of 1933, with banknotes, the property deeds in various colors, wooden houses, hotels and tokens.

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