Free Parking (USA)


Feed the meter game

Publisher: Parker Brothers, Beverly, MA

Dimensions of the box: 19.0 x 26.5 x 7.5 cm

The game: If for a Monopoly Games Collector a game has to comply with the demand that properties can be bought with money in order so to become the richest player FREE PARKING certainly not belongs to them! But since this card-game so obviously refers to the Monopoly board many a collector would like to have this game in his collection! For that reason we do describe it in this catalogue.

Object of this game is to be the first player to accumulate 200 points. For this purpose each of the maximum of 4 players get a parking meter. By drawing Feed the Meter cards the parking meter can be filled with a number of minutes. This time you need to run errands with so-called Point cards.

On these are a number of points (to be accumulated) as well as a same number of parking minutes (to be reduced on your parking meter). When you are or will come in possession of one of the Officer Johns cards you are allowed to play this policeman against any opponent! To protect oneself from such teasings you should try to obtain one of the Free Parking cards.

Finally you may elect one of 32 Second Chance cards any moment you wish to do so. Also these 45 x 77 mm red cards with funny illustrations of Uncle Pennybags look very familiar! However, they may be risky, but they add excitement to the game since they may help - or hurt - you or your opponents!