Special Editions - 2014 to Present Day (USA)


Code: C-267F

This is the Signature Token Edition, It comes very well presented with a total of 64 tokens and a very posh graphic based around the word "Monopoly" and the "M" logo.


Code: ???

Play the game of Monopoly in luxury! Now you can play the worlds best-selling board game in style! Gather your friends and family around this handsome wood game cabinet, select your favorite Monopoly mover, and begin your quest to Own it All! This exquisite edition combines the fun, interaction, and deal-making of Monopoly with added luxurious features including a recessed rolling area, wooden houses and hotels, and a foil-stamped title deed card holder.

Comes with: Beautiful two toned wood cabinet with gold tone accents, Wood houses and foil stamped wood hotels, Deluxe money, Title deeds, Chance and Community Chest cards, One storage drawer with organizer tray and Rules booklet.

Code: C-190A / 36006

A nice white luxury version made by Winning Solutions, Manchester, MA which will probablt get dirty easily.

Deluxe wooden cabinet with storage drawer which comes with a Die-cast metal drawer pull.

Built in foil-stamped Monopoly game board with flocked rolling area.

Comes with: Wooden banker's tray, Die caster tokens, Wood houses and hotels, Premium money, Chance and Community Chest cards, Title Deed cards. 2 dice and a set of Instructions.

It measures 24" x 24" x 3"


Code: C-190A / 37006

A nice dark luxury version made by Winning Solutions, Manchester, MA.

This Monopoly Luxe Edition cobines beauty and elegance with the world's premier property trading game. This gorgeous edition features a beautiful black wooden cabinet with an integrated storage drawer and die-cast metal drawer pull. The striking gold foil-stamped Monopoly gameboard is built into the cabinet and includes a framed flocked center area for dice rolling. Richness abounds in this luxurious set with several other premium components, including a wooden banker's tray, plated die-cast metal tokens, deluxe Monopoly money, wood houses and hotels, custom foil-stamped Chance and Community Chest cards and deluxe Title Deed cards.


Code: ITM. / Art.9550008

A glass version made by Winning Solutions, Manchester, MA.

Monopoly Glass Edition allows you to enjoy America's Favorite Property Trading Game in modern style. This set features a colorful tempered glass game board. The houses and hotels are translucent, providing a wonderful complimentary style for the glass game board. Accessories included are 8 zinc die-cast player tokens, custom style chance, community chest and title deed cards, and monopoly money. 2 dice and instructions are also included. This edition makes a statement whether you are enjoying a challenging round of buying properties and collecting rent or simply admiring this beautiful set as it sits on your coffee table. Board measures 16 inches by 16 inches by 0.8 inch tall.