Special Editions - 2010 to 2013 (USA)


2010 Platinum 2010 Platinum 2010 Platinum

Code: C-3252A / 29213

Monopoly Goes Platinum! This Monopoly Platinum Edition makes a stylish statement. It's classic property trading action with a new look to complement your contemporary lifestyle. It comes with a handsome, moulded game board with a 2–toned metallic border, plus co-ordinating game pieces – such as metallic tokens, platinum–colored Title Deeds, card carousel, and more – this game looks as rich as a real estate mogul! So wheel and deal your way around the board and try to Own it All!

2010 Premier 2010 Premier 2010 Premier 2010 Premier

Code: ???

This is the 2010 Premier Wood Edition,

It comes with: Beautiful two-toned wood cabinet, Recessed dice rolling area and gold foil-stamped game path, Wooden houses and foil-stamped wooden hotels, Uniquely designed money, Title Deed cards, and Chance and Community Chest cards, Gold-tone MONOPOLY tokens with faux ivory dice and red speed die, Gold-tone Title Deed card carousel and money tray, 2 Storage drawers with elegant organizer trays and Deluxe rules booklet.


2012 Library 2012 Library

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Between 2008 and 2012, the original version had a refresh every year and in 2012 the 2012 Library Edition was released coming in a lovely looking book version with just an original version inside. This version was virtually like the 2000 Library Edition, but instead of a blue cover, it was brown.

2012 Giant 2012 Giant

Code: C-267F / 22602

Here we have the Giant edition. This version was 50% larger than the normal version. This version box cover has the "Go" square in the bottom right hand corner and shows the brown properties at the actual size, the total opposite to the original design on some versions.

2012 Giant Deluxe 2012 Giant Deluxe 2012 Giant Deluxe 2012 Giant Deluxe

Product Dimensions: 10.5" x 10.5" x 2.25"

Code: 22502/ I-0228

Made by Winning Solutions Game Company.

This is an update to the wooden edition from 2001.

It is aq Decorative Tin with built-in storage with Graphics inspired by 1936 edition and Vintage Gameboard and Components included.

2012 Giant Deluxe 2012 Giant Deluxe

Code: C-190A / 22110

There was also the Giant Deluxe edition. A much more luxurious version than the "normal" Giant edition and was made by Winning Solutions.


LL Bean LL Bean LL Bean LL Bean

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Publisher: Winning Solutions - 2013

Dimensions of the box: 16 x 16 x 3 inch

A special deluxe edition of the American version mde for L.L. Bean, Freeport, Maine.

A gift for the ultimate old-school gamer or for the whole family to enjoy together. We've brought two classic games together in this reversible board with Scrabble on one side and Monopoly on the other in one solid wood case.

It. rotates on a built-in lazy Susan to easily face each player. Built-in storage provided for all game pieces.

Custom L.L.Bean Monopoly pieces includes a tote, dog, boot, canoe, lantern and moose. The Monopoly set also comes with traditional wooden houses and hotels, title deed cards, Chance cards, Community Chest and game rules. Scrabble set comes with wooden tile racks, bag of tiles, sand timer, game rules and scorepad with pencil. Offered in a solid wood case with built-in banker's tray.

Was originally on sale for $149.

2013-Pearl 2013-Pearl 2013-Pearl

Code: ???

This large box luxury edition was known as The Pearl Edition as this edition features a sleek white pearlescent game board with beautiful pearl white accent pieces and accessories. A very modern edition.

2013-Classic Luxury 2013-Classic Luxury 2013-Classic Luxury 2013-Classic Luxury

Code: ???

This high-quality luxury edition of the classic Monopoly game is the Classic Luxury Edition and is set in a footed two-toned wooden cabinet with a burled wood veneer, and has built-in storage drawers. Monopoly is about owning it all and players will feel like a million dollars playing on the gold-foil detailed game board. The board also features a rich faux-leather center dice-rolling area. All tokens, houses and hotels are made of die-cast metal and easily store in a built-in drawer. A second drawer serves as a pull-out banker’s tray.

Features: Elegant two-tone wooden cabinet with burled wood veneers, Recessed faux-leather rolling area, Two Integrated storage drawers, Gold foil-stamped game path and rolling area and Plated die-cast houses and hotels.