Special Editions - 1936 to 1960 (USA)


The #10 Fine Edition remained basically unchanged from 1935. The board was still bound in brown, as was the box. It Contained Grand Hotels and ten standard metal tokens.

1936 Fine box (Dan Fernandez)
1936 Fine components (Dan Fernandez)

The #12 Gold Edition received gold foil on the box and board, larger sized Chance and Community Chest cards, and larger tokens.

1936 #12 Gold Edition (Dan Fernandez)

The #25 De Luxe Edition had a board and box made of wood, and contained metal chips for money as well as the regular bills. These games were probably made to order as very few are known to exist today.

"Pencil Sketch" cards make a comeback and are prevalent in the 1937 6,8, and 9 sets (this is probably due to declining sales and Parker Brothers using up old stock). The rules in the ‘37 sets also have 1937 written at the top.

1936 De Luxe components
1936 De Luxe box and board
1936 De Luxe box
1936 De Luxe tokens


After 1936 the $5 set was given the larger tokens, the gold edition remained about the same, and the #25 got a simpler box (sorry, no picture available).

1938 $5.00 Edition (Dan Fernandez)
#25 Simpler box
1938 Gold
1938 Gold


A new #5 Fine edition was produced in 1953. Like its predecessors it had a brown box and brown bound board.

1956 represented an end of an era for Monopoly, the end of the separate box and board.

1953 Fine Edition


1959 introduced a wooden boxed set that remained in production until the early ‘70s. This is a very nice set with plastic houses and hotels made in France. These are made of white plastic with the houses having green roofs and the hotels red roofs. There are four white and four red dice with the rest of the components being typical.

1959 #6 Deluxe Wood Case
1959 #6 Deluxe Wood Case Contents