1952 to 1956 - End of the Separate Box / Board (USA)

Late 1951 saw "A Parker Trading Game" dropped in favor of "Parker Brothers’ Trade-Mark Name for its Real Estate Trading Game"(it's not known if any of these games were released in 1951 or it was early 1952). The 2nd patent expired 31st December 1952 so sets beginning with 1953 had no patent numbers on them. "San Francisco" was added to the list of cities in 1954 and "Atlanta" was added in 1956.

1952 #6 Last Blue 1952 #6 Last Black

The blue and black box #6s ended their run in 1952 to be replaced by a red box popular edition (this set used the same graphics as the #8). I have not seen a 1953 #8. If you have one or have pictures of one please contact me.

Both of these sets were replaced in 1954 by slightly larger boxes with different graphics. These sets would be the last of the small box, separate board sets. Three different boxes exist for the red boxes and two for the green. It's my best guess that the first is from 1954, the second from 1955, and the third from 1956. If anyone has a 1956 green box or pictures of one please contact me.

1953 #6 Red without scrollwork covering patent number 1953 #6 Red with scrollwork covering patent number 1952 #6 Red 1952 #8 1954 #6 Red 1954 #8 v2 1954 #8 1954 #6 Red 1954 #9 1955 #6 Red 1955 #8 1956 #6 Red 1955 #9 1956 #9 Last White Box
1952 #9

The white box #9 continued on with legal changes through 1956 when it received a graphics and colour change. I have not seen a 1953 #9 which would have Salem, New York, and Chicago with no patent number. If you have one of these or have pictures of one please contact me.

Dating Notes

  • Plastic houses and hotels found their way into the last of the #6, #8, and #9 sets. My best guess is that any of these sets with plastic are from 1955/6.
  • San Francisco added to list of cities in 1954.
  • Atlanta added to list of cities in 1956 sets.
  • 1935 copyright removed from money about 1953.
  • Rent on Marvin Gardens changed to $24 in 1951.