Edition Des Vins

Burgundy, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Languedoc, Loire Valley, Rhone Valley, Provence ... Choose the vineyards of your heart or the most prestigious.

Then invest in cellars and cellars to transform your grapes, get the best aromas, produce and sell the most remarkable wines. Be responsive, take risks and become the most dynamic winemaker of the game.

Want to play faster? Adopt the new dice that accelerates the movement on the plateau, you will become the richest even faster.

Go for a fun and exciting exploration full of unforeseen and awaken the most ambitious investor hiding in you to conquer the prestigious and amazing world of French viticulture.

Through a carefully prepared and illustrated itinerary, faithful reflection of the most famous vineyards of France, stop at each step to discover and acquire with emotion a unique heritage that is offered to you.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy the pleasure of winning the game, the pride of sharing the nobility of the profession of winegrower and perhaps you will also feel one of the representatives of a French way of life.

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Year: 2018 - Code: 11211