University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Business School

The University of New South Wales Business School worked with Winning Moves to develop new Monopoly money notes and cards with the business school branding and to showcase buildings and places within the university grounds; all designed to add fun to business studies.

Feel a sense of nostalgia as you make your way around the board, and use the skills and business acumen you learned to acquire the ultimate UNSW property portfolio including the AGSM Building, Business School Building, Roundhouse, UNSW Library,and more.

Marketing Manager for UNSW Business School, James Lew said "Being the first in Australia is a great way to promote the UNSW Business School brand to our prospective target audience, especially those who don’t know us. There is an element of fun that we wanted to associate with our brand and student experience at the Business School, so we adapted and retitled the ‘Chance’ and ‘Community Chest’ cards to ‘Student Experience’ and ‘Alumni Networks’."

Lew added, "People from the Business School worked with Monopoly to design new tokens, new Monopoly money notes with the Business School logo and branding. Iconic buildings and places within the university grounds that many of our students and alumni will have an affinity with are featured and may prompt our prospective students to find out more."

There was a new print run and a small alteration to the design on the front of the box and the board. There is also an alteration to the code as well as can be seen below.

The first five images are the first edition and the last five are the second edition.

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Year: 2019 - Code: 191437-0 / 706A NIN-133-2019
Year: 2019 - Code: 191437-0 / 706A NIN-175-2019