La Tour Incity

La Tour Incity is an office skyscraper located in the business district of La Part-Dieu in Lyon (France) and built between 2012 and 2015.

Located on the corner of Rue Garibaldi with the Cours Lafayette, on the site of the old Tour UAP (demolished in 2012), the Tour Incity has a height of 202 metres and since its inauguration in October 2015, it is the highest skyscraper in Lyon, ahead of the Tour Part-Dieu and Tour Oxygène, and the Third highest in France (including antennas) behind Tour First (La Défense) and Tour Montparnasse (Paris).

With 39 floors and a weight of 90 000 tonnes, the Tour Incity is also the highest tower in France outside Paris and France's first high-efficiency tower.

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