Monopoly, the most famous board game in the world, is dressed in the colors of Tex! ? Sergio Bonelli Editore realizes a special edition of the official game of Hasbro: the Monopoly of Tex! The famous pastime that for over eighty years has been popular among the world's players is presented in an exclusive edition dedicated to Tex!

Starting from the classic "VIA!" Box, 2 to 6 players will be able to undertake a long journey, with dice shots, among the many cities and places that, for almost seventy years, see Tex protagonist of his adventures: the purpose it is taking possession of the land, building houses and hotels, aiming to prevail over the adversaries, and thus become true conquerors of the West!

The board, on which stands a splendid Tex displayed by Giovanni Ticci - a designer who with his unmistakable mark also characterizes all the other illustrations of the package - is accompanied by Probability and Unexpected cards, banknotes, houses, hotels created for the occasion in pure western style! Even the game markers come directly from the Frontier's imagination: the boot, the totem, the cactus, the star from Ranger, the horseshoe or the cowboy hat ... which one will you choose?

The boxed game is sold together with Tex - Indian Vendetta, cardboard and color reprint of the first mythical story illustrated by Giovanni Ticci. A classic, written by Gianluigi Bonelli, which is reproposed in an exclusive edition, inseparable from the Monopoly of Tex, which fits among the initiatives designed to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the famous Sienese author at the service of the Bonellian Ranger.

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