Tatry i Zakopane
(Tatra and Zakopane)

Discover the most beautiful places in the Polish Tatra and Zakopane.

Collect mountain peaks, wander through the forest trails and become a guardian of the Tatra nature! Plant trees, collect fees from your fields. Exchange with other players and wait for more opportunities at auctions. There are many ways to win! Be a natural guard and go your own way!

Follow the mountain trails from MONOPOLY Tatra and Zakopane! A real challenge is ahead of you - 275 km of hiking!

The most interesting places in the West and High Tatras are at your fingertips. And literally! With MONOPOLY, the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane you will set out on the mountain trails, you will fall in love with the Tatra nature and you will learn the rules that help you protect nature. Countless routes with different degrees of difficulty are a treat for both seasoned mountaineers and beginners. It's up to you only which path you choose!

Unforgettable mountain peaks, picturesque valleys and dangerous passes - wild nature delights but also needs protection. Take a long walk through the beautiful Kościeliska Valley, get to the top of Kasprowy Wierch, climb Giewont and follow the trail to Morskie Oko.

Help save the stunning beauty of the mountains and take care of the environment. Each of your decisions has an impact on the environment, so do not feed the animals, keep the silence and collect the trash found on the trail. Protect the nature of Tatra and learn about the rules of the trails along with the whole family. From now everything is in your hands! The Tatra Mountains and Zakopane are the perfect place for a vacation, which you can visit at home along with MONOPOLY!

Take a map, comfortable shoes and embark on the mountain trails! The Tatra Mountains are a unique high mountain area. For years, Tatra National Park has been ensuring that the values ​​of this unique region could exist in the form least changed by man. Playing at MONOPOLY Tatry and Zakopane, each of us can play the role of a hero who cares for this unique corner of Poland.

MONOPOLY Tatry and Zakopane is a game designed for everyone who loves to play board games. In this edition you wander the most beautiful Polish peaks with your family or a pack of friends. Buy the most beautiful places that you meet on your way and fields of service providers. There are many ways to take the best places on the board. Invest with your head, be a tough negotiator - there is only one winner. Find your own way to get a fortune! In this unique edition, houses and hotels have been replaced by trees and forests.

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Year: 2019 - Code: Z01921200