Stranger Things
(United Kingdom)

The new board game will have you back in Hawkins before you know it.

There is a whole new crop of tokens that include Steve's nailed-bat and Scoops Ahoy sailor cap, Max's skateboard, and Hopper's hat. Not only will players race between familiar Hawkins locations like Benny's Burgers, Starcourt Mall, and Mike's basement, but they'll also have to watch out for the tunnels under Hawkins.

And, you won't be buying any property using the classic houses and hotels pieces — in true fashion, the collector's edition features forts and glow-in-the-dark hideouts.

And of course, we can't forget the best part: new Upside Down cards can give players special powers, like our girl Eleven, or they can change a fortune — which we already see causing lots of hilarious mayhem.

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Year: 2017 - Code: 0817C4550102