St. Christopher's School

St Christopher's School is a British private school located in Isa Town, Bahrain (senior campus) and Sar, Bahrain (infant and junior campuses), offering British curriculum education. It offers primary to secondary education ranging from reception to Sixth form. Students sit GCSE and A-level examinations.

In 2006, the Guardian newspaper listed St. Christopher's among the top eight best international schools offering a British curriculum around the world.

The first bespoke school Monopoly set in the Middle East has been created to allow pupils, past and present, and their families to play the popular board game with a special Bahrain twist.

The BD20 limited edition St Christopher’s version was launched at the school’s annual festive fayre in 2017 with teachers wearing T-shirts and bowler hats topped with the game’s classic tokens.

The St Christopher’s School Monopoly Board actually came about by pure chance when Helen Kamal, PA to the head of the Infant School, who produces an annual Infant School Yearbook, had the idea of having a St Chris Monopoly Board as the cover theme for its next edition.

To ensure the game kept to its Monopoly roots, the four corners of the board had to remain the same. “We wanted to change the ‘Jail’ to ‘Detention’, but this also has to remain as per the original, unfortunately!” said Helen. “We did, however, change the names of Chance and Community Chest to Saar and Isa Town, the two school sites, and had fun creating our own cards such as ‘You have won second prize in Young Musician of the Gulf Competition – Collect ...’ and ‘Congratulations! You are the Star of the Day! – Receive ...’ – you’ll need to play the game to find out what!

"We also changed the houses and hotels you buy for your properties to ‘classrooms’ and ‘halls’ so that landing on the Principal’s Office (Mayfair on the original British version of the game) with a ‘hall’ on, will surely lead to bankruptcy!"

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