The Complete Saga

STAR WARS TRILOGIES: Star Wars fans can celebrate all of the Skywalker movies! This Star Wars Edition of the Monopoly game lets players relive all nine episodes from a galaxy far, far away.

EXCITING GAME FOR STAR WARS FANS: The Star Wars Complete Saga Edition board game features dynamic and colourful artwork inspired by all three trilogies.

STAR WARS THEMES: The properties in this Star Wars themed board game are planets and droids. TIE fighters and X-Wings replace houses and hotels. Landing on a Light Speed space lets players fly ahead.

ICONIC STAR WARS CHARACTERS: The game includes nine tokens; each one is a character that relates to one of the nine Star Wars Trilogy movies.

STAR WARS THEMED CARDS: If a player lands on a Jedi Training or Holocron space, they have to pick the matching card and do whatever action it says.

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Year: 2018 - Code: E8066