Star Wars Episode 1 3D Edition

As you travel around the Star Wars universe, snap up galactic properties and build on them. Which side of the Force will prevail? Will the Sith Lords capture the most properties, or will the Jedi reign? Who will win - the evil Trade Federation or the Battle of Naboo heroes? Bankrupt everyone else, and you will learn the answer.

This Monopoly Star Wars Collector Edition features:

  • Eight Star Wars tokens: Anakin Skywalker, Jar Jar Binks, Qui-Gon Jinn and Queen Amidala, plus Darth Sidious, a battle droid, Darth Maul and Sebulba. Will you be a hero - or a villain?
  • Gameboard and Title Deeds of properties from around the galaxy - from Watto's Junk Shop to the Jedi Council, from the Trade Federation's Hanger Bay to the Theed Generator Core.
  • Apartments and Towers to improve your properties - so you'll collect lots of money when opponents land on your space.
  • Republic "credits" to pay your bills and collect your rents - and 5 1,000 Metal Coins to collect.
  • Special card decks: a Jedi Card earns you 10 when your droid comes second in a beauty contest or costs you 150 to build your own Lightsaber. A Sith Card pays you 150 if your Podracer wins or Hyperdrive failure sends you back 3 spaces.
  • Black dice to fuel your moves around the board!

Which way will the pendulum of power swing? To the light side? Or the dark? Journey to the Star Wars galaxy and let the Force guide you to victory!

© Parker Bros.

Year: 1999 - Code: C41018